02.09.01 - Funeral In Carpathia

A slightly smaller collection of ear candy this week. Good stuff as always however. Now go download em before I sick the vlishgnath on you.

Vlishgnath: "grr.. *mrrrelp* hungry"

Down boy! Down! *Yosemite Sam's the vlishgnath with a wooden club*

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    MP3 Remixes

    "Battle Theme"
    Takami has come back in force with his latest piece. Although the "To my side, my noble einjeriar" is missing, I guess I can manage with the rest of the tune. j/k! Excellent work as always my friend.

    "Red Wings"
    The sampling is a little on the grey side, but it's definately got what counts! Gives me those pesky urges to bust out a game of FF4 and play it straight through in one sitting, for the umteenth time.

    Ooooo, swooning I am. Wow, sir I take my hat off to you. Absolutely beautiful orchestration, John!

    Digital Music

    "Street Fight"
    Oh yeah! This is one groovy tune! I can picture those blocky 8-bit graphics as I listen along. Haha! Great!

    "Intro (Metal Remix)"
    I'm a sucker for the Lufia series, what can I say? Great guitar sample if I do say so myself. I dig that undertone sample as well. Really fills out the tune a lot.

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  • Ahh, what would we do without the blasphemous and enchantingly dark Dimmu Borgir to darken our paths. Well, for starters, we'd probably all be a bit less satanic! ..or not, what do I know? Kudos fellas!


    I expect a full report on this weeks band!

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