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01.19.01 - Spiritual Spiral

Sorry for the late update fellas. My ISP was on fire having some unscheduled maintenance and I couldn't get the files up. But, only half a day late, eh? No harm no foul? Fellas? ... [runs away]

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    MP3 Remixes

    "Take Up The Cross"
    Takami once again makes me whimper at his ability to whip these songs up on such short notice. It's quite insane. I'm sure he's quite insane too. And that's the way I like it. Please stop reading this and download the MP3 already.

    "The Wanderer of Ages"
    Excellent job by Squall with the orchestration. Totally dig this.

    Midi Composition

    "The Stage Is Set"
    That's one smoothe sequence. Mega kudos to Avaine for putting this together. Awesome job with the accuracy to the original.

    "Black Mage Villiage"
    Okay, for sequencing such a silly song, I gotta give the kid credit. This is definately the "Mysidia" of FFIX.

    Digital Music

    "Kuja's Theme"
    Right, I might be just a little partial to FFIX stuff this week since I've been playing it so rabidly. Still, this is one damn fine track. If I had the soundtrack, I'd check this for forgery. ;) j/k

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  • Nein kudos! Cold, is by another defunt metal act. Last weeks band hails from somewhere in Europe (sensing a trend yet?) that I would really like to visit for a very long time. Anyway, At The Gates was the band.

    If anyone even knows where this weeks song title comes from gets mondo respect from me. I fear no one out there is gonna be able to pick up on it but hey, I've been wrong before. A good many times. Probably more times than I've been right.

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    MP3 Remixes

    Tales of Phantasia - Take Up The Cross by Takami

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 6 - The Wanderer of Ages by Squall Strife

    Midi Composition

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy *.* - Chocobo Mix by Orio Treet
    Final Fantasy 8 - The Stage Is Set by Avaine
    Final Fantasy 9 - The Dark Messenger by Erik
    Final Fantasy 9 - Black Mage Village by Erik

    Digital Music

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 8 - Eyes On Me by Elcalen
    Final Fantasy 9 - Kuja's Theme by Salivator

    Chrono Trigger - At the Bottom of The Night by Colin Kok
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    Zelda *.* - Faerie Caves by Paul


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