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12.29.00 - Funeral Inception

This update's going up a little early. It's only 22:00 where I am and I'm not gonna make it to midnight. So, instead of waiting until I get up in the morning and have the update up 8 hours late, it'll go up a couple hours early. Just pretend that it's the 29th. Kay?

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  • The following random reviews are my personal reflections upon the author's work. If you disagree with my views, make sure to let the author know what you think of their pieces!

    MP3 Remixes

    "Town Theme (Thrash Mix)"
    The town theme from Castlevania 2. On crack.

    "Zeal Theme (Drum Mix)"
    Anyone who remixes this song gets mega kudos from me right off the bat. This deserves kudos even without the default kudos. Kudos all around. Kudos, what a silly word. Kudos. Just say it; Kudos. Silly. See?

    Midi Composition

    "Ballad of the Wind (Fish Marin & full instremental Remix)"
    Great instrumental rendition of a great song to begin with. Adds to personal playlist.

    Digital Music

    "Celes' Theme (Rock Remix)"
    That certainly took all the emotional catches out of this song. Yet gave it an "I am Celes, hear me roar. ROAR!" feel. I dig.

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  • Weekly Silliness
  • Okay, so you were all too busy doing X-Mas type stuff to send in an email telling me that this song is from the Coliseum area of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. But it's okay. I understand. Kudos to you all anyway.

    Kudos to the following people who did not send in the correct answer.


    The above mentioned people rock. That's right, that means you! HAHA!!!!!

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    MP3 Remixes

    Castlevania 2 - Town Theme (Thrash Mix) by Tom Farnell

    Chrono Trigger - Zeal Theme (Drum Mix) by Captain Literal

    Midi Composition

    Lunar SSSC - Wind's Nocturne by Calevera

    Zelda 2 - Ballad of the Wind (Fish Marin & full instremental Remix) by Lynn

    Digital Music

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 6 - Celes' Theme (Rock Remix) by Barfington
    Final Fantasy 7 - Boss Battle (Metal Remix) by Barfington
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