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12.08.00 - Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition

"Now, aluminum siding may not sound like the greatest sales item to pitch over the phone, but I have a deal for you! Twelve square feet for only $19.99! Now tell me that isn't a great deal!"

"I have just lost twenty seconds of my life to you. Take me off your list or I will call my uncle Vito and put out a contract on you, your company, and your shoes."

Why do telemarketers exist? Do you know anyone that has ever bought anything from one? Do you know anyone who has ever not gotten pissed at one for interupting their breakfast? I don't.

  • Random Music Reviews
  • The following random reviews are my personal reflections upon the author's work. If you disagree with my views, make sure to let the author know what you think of their pieces!

    Midi Composition

    "Radical Dreamers"
    Excellent work here. Especially the arrangement on the classical guitar. Two thumbs up.

    Digital Music

    Gotta love this tune. Great job with the background drum sampling behind the lead harmony in the second half.

    "Frog's Theme"
    Frog's theme! What more can I say? What more needs to be said?
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  • No one sent in a tip this week, so what say we all go read Gwilym Wogan's Sound Quality tip again!

    Sound Quality
  • Current Competitions
  • While I do have plans for releasing full details of the next RPGamer Music Competition, I have not had time to finalize what exactly I want this to comprise. More to come in the future!

    Yes, this is the same text you've seen three times now. No, I still haven't had time to write up the full details yet. Sorry! =)
  • Weekly Silliness
  • Last week's song title comes from the Italian/German Orchestrated Black Metal (or Gothic Black Metal according to Lars) band Graveworm
    (need.. move.. England..)

    Kudos to the following people who sent in the correct answer:

    (even though he didn't send me an email. again.)

    The above mentioned people rock. =)

    Neurally numbed; a narcosis so trans-lucid, So pernicious, halluciagenics, procreating, ocular contortion, your idiosyncrassy is now expropriated...
    Matt Scipione

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    Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers by Eddie Chiu

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    Small of Two Pieces by Akumu


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