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12.01.00 - A Dreaming Beauty

I just realized that in addition to the decided pre-music content, I still take the time to ramble something off at the top here. I like rambling. It's very unimportant and decidely incoherant most of the time. Until the fellas with the white jackets find me, I'll continue to ramble on about meaningless things.

Aside from the song of the week, which has been running through my mind for.. oh, 3 days now..

Today's meaningless ramble: Sticky notes

where did my sticky notes go.. I just had a big package of em laying right here.. confound it, I need those sticky notes! ..dan stole them.. I know he did. that worthless little imp.. I shall maim him when he gets back from lunch..

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    Midi Composition

    "Town Theme"
    Ahh, nostalgia. You can't beat it with a stick. If only the NES were capable of using samples of this quality.

    Something about this song just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It being done on a piano just sounds downright cool.

    "Aria de Mezzo Carraterre (String Mix)"
    Kinda on the quiet side, but that may just be my sound card. *glares at sound card* The vocal instrument is definately an original angle.

    "Julia's Theme"
    You know that song that sounds like Eye's On Me - only on piano? Well, here it is!

    "Desert Palace"
    I can't quite place it, but I'm certain it's because I havn't gotten that far in IX yet. Good piano sampling, I dig.

    MP3 Remixes

    "Till Death Rimsala"
    No way I could leave this one alone. I believe this is our first Arcana music submission. Oh how I love the old SNES games that no one has played. Thanks for kickin the nostalgia into overdrive Squall! ;)

    "Marle's Theme (Waltz Mix)"
    Is it just me, or should there have been a ballroom sequence to go along with this song? Very nice.

    And the nostalgia continues. Very majestic tone used here, really captures the atmosphere.

    "Promised Land Remix"
    I'm glad I don't have a copy of FF2 to compare this song to. I would be depressed. This song rocks.

    "Main Theme"
    Atmospheric, ambient and symphonic. I dig your style Squall.

    Digital Music

    "The Doma Castle Upbeat Mix"
    Dome Castle wasn't *supposed* to be upbeat! =) Never the less, it's a good, creative mix.

    "Loss of Me"
    Good sampling, good feeling, good song!
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  • Weekly Silliness
  • Last week's song title comes from the amazing progressive rock band Porcupine Tree
    (why can't I live in England?)

    Kudos to the following people who sent in the correct answer:

    (even though he didn't send me an email)

    The above mentioned people rock. =)

    Across the open fields; on burial ground.  Beside the ancient lake; through painful screams.  When pride of darkness rise; upon the sky.  We are marching; side by side.
    Matt Scipione

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    Till Death Rimsala by Squall Strife

    Chrono Trigger - Eight Bit Frog by Squall Strife
    Chrono Trigger - Marle's Theme (Waltz Mix) by Squall Strife

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 1 - Slain by Fabrixio
    Final Fantasy 2 - Promised Land Remix by FF Music Dj
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    Final Fantasy 7 - Main Theme by Squall Strife

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    Advancing to Dollet by Squall Strife

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    Lunar Fantasy Prelude by Squall Strife

    March of Sea and Fire by Squall Strife

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    Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy 1 - Town Theme by Mikey Faiive
    Final Fantasy 4 - Prologue by Mikey Faiive
    Final Fantasy 6 - Aria de Mezzo Carraterra (String Mix) by Bean
    Final Fantasy 7 - Aeris' Theme by Mikey Faiive
    Final Fantasy 7 - Anxious Heart by Mikey Faiive
    Final Fantasy 8 - Julia's Theme by Mikey Faiive
    Final Fantasy 9 - Theme of Kuja by Phantom Diablerie
    Final Fantasy 9 - Desert Palace by Phantom Diablerie

    Tribute to Y's 3 & 4 by Naked Dancing Llama

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    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 6 - The Doma Castle Upbeat Mix by Barfington
    Final Fantasy 6 - Epitaph Remix (Daryl's Theme) by Barfington
    Final Fantasy 9 - Loss of Me by Salivator
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