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11.24.00 - Radioactive Toy

Happy Worst Shopping Day of the Year Day! No day is worse for being outside than this day. I personally refuse to go outside the day after Thanksgiving. I don't care if my apartment is on fire. I'm not going outside!

Well, this is the first week of the new format. Above personal comments will remain just so the man knows I'm not paying someone off to do this. However, the stuff below is what popular demand has ... demanded. So, without further delay, let's get crackin.

Oh, one last thing. I profusely appologize about the dissaray of the archives. I appreciate all of you who send in broken links and such. The archive redesign is going to be a long and greuling process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Please send any broken links you happen upon to or me personally.

  • Random Music Reviews
  • The following random reviews are my personal reflections upon the author's work. If you disagree with my views, make sure to let the author know what you think of their pieces!

    Midi Composition

    "The Choir Tags Along While Chasing the Tiny Bronco"
    Ahh yes, the Tiny Bronco music with a chorus to back it up. A very church-like sound.

    The Flute of the Overworld
    While I couldn't detect a flute *stares confusedly at sound card* there's definately a piano playing the Overworld theme here!

    "Simply Shadow"
    Simply indeed. Shadow's theme commands respect, no matter how you go about it!

    "Melodies of Life (Irish Beat Mix)"
    Melodies of Life. Irish Beat. What more can I say? If I only had the energy/skill to be in Riverdance..

    "Battle Theme (Piano Duet)"
    Now this I dig. I wonder if we'll be hearing this on an upcoming FF9 Piano Collections release? Kudos to Mikey on this one.

    Digital Music

    "Prelude Remix"
    Very cool. Choppy strings over the melodious bell thingy/instrument that is the definitive Final Fantasy theme.
  • Creation Tips
  • Hey, fellas, how about some help? =D
  • Current Competitions
  • While I do have plans for releasing full details of the next RPGamer Music Competition, I have not had time to finalize what exactly I want this to comprise. More to come in the future!
  • Weekly Silliness
  • Last week's title came from none other than the mad skillz of the energetic Primus.
    (ever seen em live? you know what I mean if you have)

    Kudos to the following people who sent in the correct answer:

    Tony Ethington
    Andrew Smith

    The above mentioned people rock. =)

    Now, I don't expect so many of you to get this week's band, but hey, let's all prove Matt wrong!

    Run through graveyards on a dusty Winter day, spit the dirt out and try to say...
    Matt Scipione

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