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11.17.00 - American Life

All right then, the fans have spoken. A hearty thank you to all who submitted your thoughts in regards to what you want the Sound Cave to provide. I've taken all items into consideration and have come up with the following:

The introductory format for the Sound Cave will now be comprised of the following items:

  • Random reviews for featured works.

    While I would love to be able to mirror the Fanfic section and give reviews for each piece they feature, there is a considerable difference in content between our sections. Fanfic is pretty generally a solid 5 fics a week. With music, heh, well.. it's a little more random. As you've no doubt seen in the past, it is 100% random how much music goes up each week. This isn't at my discretion, as I post everything I get each week. The Fanfic staff is lucky (cursed?) enough to have a large database of fics to work with.

    What I will do, however, is give my personal reflections on random submissions each week. For me to review each submission would take more time than I can allot to my weekly update. If I don't review your work, please don't take it personally. I simply pointed to another file on my screen with my eyes closed. 8) I'll try to at least review 2 pieces from each section per week.

  • Creation tips.

    This was, hands down, the most requested item from those who sent me their ideas. I wanted to do this even before I asked you all what you wanted to see. I think it's an awesome idea and everyone can benefit from it. (including me!)

    While I hope this is a weekly fulfillment, it's up to our trackers/composers/scribers/remixers to send me their Creation tips.

    For those who wish to help out aspiring musicians, the tip should be a single tip no more than a paragraph in length. Example:

    Experiment with your samples. Slow them down, speed them up, or even combine them with other samples to get a new sound.

    Yes, that was an extremely weak example but it's all I could come up with at the moment. I've done all of the above and it's helped give me ideas for new sounds and surprised me on more than one occasion with its results. I stand by it!

  • Current competitions.

    This section is fairly self-evident. Here will be posted the current ongoing competition. Links will be provided to the in depth details of said competition.

  • The weekly light-hearted silliness.

    Surprisingly enough, I got a lot of people pushing for an interactive guessing game type thing. Who am I to say no to that? While I won't give out tildes like Googleshng does for the index header, your name will be featured in this section if you submit the correct guess. Guess what you ask? Each week the Sound Cave link off the main page has been a song title that I happened to be listening to at the time that I got around to finalizing the update. Guess the name of the band, and you get 7 days of fame! My musical taste is ridiculously random so don't be too surprised if you haven't the slightest clue as to what the song title is. This song won't always be game related. I figure it's a fun way to see how many of you listen to the same music as I do. Yeah?

    For example, last weeks title was taken from the Swedish black metal band Samael.

    I'll give you a hint to this week's song. The band's bass player is my idol and the CD the song is from has the word "Cheese" in it. 8)

    Also, the inline tag in my signature image will have one line of lyrics from the song.

    It's weekly. It's light-hearted. It's silly. You dig?

    Hrm.. I just realized that I need to get a move on with the rest of this update if I want to have it up by my quota time. Above-mentioned Sound Cave Introduction sections will begin next week! =D

    And they look to the statue of Liberty; For the boy we have American Life
    Matt Scipione

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    MP3 Remixes

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy *.* - Prelude (Vanguard Mix) by Gwilym Wogan
    Final Fantasy 1 - Battle Theme by Colin McMillen
    Final Fantasy 4 - Mystic Mysidia by Colin McMillen
    Final Fantasy 6 - Slam Shuffle (Zozo theme) by Colin McMillen
    Final Fantasy 6 - Slam Shuffle (Remix) by Colin McMillen
    Final Fantasy 7 - Midgar Nights (Anxious Heart Mix) by Gwilym Wogan
    Final Fantasy 8 - Balambiance by Gwilym Wogan
    Final Fantasy 8 - Shuffle and Boogie by Colin McMillen

    Ultima 3 "Exodus" - Battle Theme by Colin McMillen

    Seiken Densetsu
    Secret of Mana - Forest Theme by Colin McMillen

    Midi Composition

    Star Ocean
    Star Ocean 2 - Space Rena by Black Stealth

    The One Who Bears Fangs at God by Black Stealth

    Breath of Fire
    Breath of Fire 2 - Eva's Theme by Silentone

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy *.* - Swingin Chocobo by Silentone

    Digital Music

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy *.* - Punk de Chocobo by Barfington
    Final Fantasy 5 - Confused Theme by Barfington
    Final Fantasy 6 - The Coin Song by Barfington
    Final Fantasy 7 - Who Are You? (Dream Sequence music) by Gwilym Wogan
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