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11.03.00 - With Strength I Burn

All right, I've managed to sneak a few minutes away from family matters so I'd like to rewrite my little intro blurb for this week's update.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the content of said intro blurb. If I have offended anyone with my remarks to Religious references, I am sorry. I won't make excuses for anything I've said. I don't feel a reason to subject the readers of RPGamer to my personal life so I'll just move along here.

While not being able to go into detail of individual submissions, I do wish to point out the spectacular amount of MIDI compositions, submitted by Dermot and Jaroban.

FF Music DJ has graced us with a few excellent MP3's from the more recent Final Fantasy games. From the still upcoming US release of Final Fantasy 9 I thank Vetiver for his work. Veteran contributor Barfington gives us an all encompassing Final Fantasy theme and The Blunderbuss brings us some sheet music from the recently released Chrono Cross.

The ticket.  Take the ticket.  The ticket, take it.  Take it.  Take the ticket!
Matt Scipione

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MP3 Remixes
Final Fantasy 7 - Aeris' Theme Remix by FF Music DJ
Final Fantasy 7 - Cid's Theme Remix by FF Music DJ
Final Fantasy 8 - Find Your Way Remix by FF Music DJ
Final Fantasy 8 - Maybe I'm a Lion by FF Music DJ

Midi Composition
Final Fantasy 6 - Opening Theme (Update) by Jaroban
Chrono Trigger - Boss Battle 1 (Update) by Jaroban
Chrono Trigger - Chrono Trigger (Update) by Jaroban
Chrono Trigger - Manoria Cathedral (Update) by Jaroban
Chrono Trigger - Wind Scene (Update) by Jaroban
Chrono Cross - Time's Scar (Update) by Jaroban
Chrono Cross - Between Life and Death by Dermot
Chrono Cross - Fort Dragonia by Dermot
Secret of Mana - Secret of the Arid Sands by Dermot
Secret of Mana - Orphen of the Storm by Dermot
Breath of Fire 3 - Casually by Dermot
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Death (Revised MIDI) by Dermot
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Witchmakers by Dermot
Wild ARMs - Rudy by Dermot
Xenogears - Shattered Egg of Dreams (Revised MIDI) by Dermot
Xenogears - Dreams of the Brave by Dermot
Xenogears - Thames: Men of the Sea by Dermot
Xenogears - Valley of the Wind by Dermot

Digital Music
Final Fantasy 9 - Treno by Vetiver
Final Fantasy *.* - Final Fantasy Theme by Barfington
Tablature and Sheet Music
Sheet Music

Chrono Cross - On the Banks of a Dream by The Blunderbuss


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