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10.20.00 - Halls of Harmony

Yes! This does make two weeks in a row for the music staffer! I definately see a trend forming here. Once I get a little more settled in here and get a good look at the directory structure, you'll be noticing some significant changes being made. The navigation section is first on my list. I'm looking to create an easy access archive sorted by game, format, and if I feel lucky; author. So I guess you just have to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?

Right, bad Clint Eastwood impressions aside, I've got some more info on RPGamer's next competition. Lets recap what we have so far:

+ Castlevania
+ Digital creation

Now for the newest revelations:

+ Classical nature (that means strings, percussion, wind, brass, etc, not techno)
+ Any Castlevania game in the series, across all platforms.

That's all the info I have at this time and that should give you a pretty good idea. The Music department is not accepting submissions at this time, as the Competition is not completely put together, but that doesn't mean you can't start forming ideas. And it certainly doesn't mean you can't send in Castlevania remixes/renditions/creations!!! We do cover Symphony of the Night in the Games section fellas! ;)

Anyway, onward!

Not as many files this week for you as last, but definately some good ones in this update.

In the Digital section
From Salivator we have a very decent track from Seiken Densetsu 3; Innocent Water
For the Final Fantasy V addicts, make sure to snag Winter's Dragon Spreads Its Wings tune.
As always, Gwilym Wogan's techno skills flair in his latest submission with Final Fantasy VII Reunion Remix
LousySpy gives us a little insight into the upcoming game Mythri, with his rendition of the Battle Theme.

From the Midi corner
Dig Jailhouse Rock? Dig Final Fantasy VI? Then check out Silentone's Magitek Factory Remix.

Commin outta MP3 field
From Jason Harris comes a caffeine riddled rendition of Final Fantasy V's Critter Tripper Fritter.
While Danny's Panzer Dragoon Flight remix kept giving Driver flashbacks from the 70's sounding instruments, it was a snazzy little tune that I definitely recommend.
Oh dear, Final Fantasy 8 has gone trance. The Liberated Fatalist from Speednik definately shows some wicked techno technique.

Transcribed in Tablature
And here, we have a guitar duet for Aeris' Theme transcribed by Aleka McAdams.

Ramming speed!
Matt Scipione

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MP3 Remixes
Final Fantasy 5 - Critter Tripper Fritter by Jason Harris
Panzer Dragoon - Flight (Panzer Dragoon Remix) by Danny
Final Fantasy 8 - Liberated Fatalist by Speednik

Midi Composition
Final Fantasy 6 - Magitek Factory (Jailhouse Rock Style) by Silentone

Digital Music
Final Fantasy 5 - Dragon Spreads Its Wings by Winter
Final Fantasy 7 - Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Remix by Gwilym Wogan
Mythri - Mythri Battle Music Rendition by LousySpy
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Innocent Waters by Salivator
Tablature and Sheet Music

Final Fantasy 7 - Aeris' Theme for duet guitar by Aleka McAdams


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