09.27.00 - Guess who!

Hi! Guess who! :) Yeah, the person who has been contributing for past four or five years is actually updating! To be honest though, I can't take ALL the credit. Alanna of the Fan Fiction section here on RPGamer has not only been extremely helpful, but she's been one of the nicest RPGamer staff members I've ever worked with! :)

I gotta warn you all though that there is some lengthy discussion. It may be wise to skip down to the music area right now. But if you're interested in hearing what's up here, then read on.

For those of you who don't know, Amber has been...well.. abducted by aliens. I'm sorry to report that she probably wont be updating anymore, though I did get this message from her:

Dear Whoever,
I don't know how long I have... I can't stop them! They keep muttering something about taking over the world! They destroyed my computer, I can't update! If you're there, please, send help.. I....*interuption* THIS IS NANOOKIKA OF THE FREAKAZOID RACE. YOU WILL BE ASSIMI...ER..YOU WILL BE.. UM.. ABDUCTED AND THEN RETURNED. YEAH THATS IT.

I think It's safe to assume she's better off where she is right now. :/ Anyway I'm not your normal updater, I'm only here for this week because I offered my assistance. Expect someone new again next update.

Anyway, I personally tried to keep my stuff off this update, but due to people not really contributing, I had to submit some things. Come on people, submit, we love your stuff! :) I'd personally like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who's ever submitted your works on RPGamer,, and The Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage. I've been here since the beginning and I personally really never saw many people just thank you all before. From someone with that experience, I thought it was necessary.

Great things this update!

  • Some amazing MP3 mixes by Orkybash! (I recommend "You Can Hear the Cries of the Planet")
  • Also A really nice Matouya's Cave remix done by Mark Lewis in both MIDI and MP3! (Use WinGroov to play the .mid :) )
  • In the module department, Beej and Cowclops (Fred Schillinger) have both worked on amazing remakes from both Chrono Trigger/Zelda and Final Fantasy 6 respectively! (They're all amazing, I recommend picking them all up! :) )
  • In a huge surprise movement (I seriously didn't know she did this) Darth Sidhe has released some amazingly beautiful Final Fantasy VIII Piano mixes! These are great, and you can bet I'm going to practice some on my keyboard tonight! ^_^
  • S ome Guitar Tabs from Thomas McManus, Ichiban, and Kristof Darmawikarta, that will get you guitarists tuning your string boxes up tonight. :)
  • And what can I say? LittleElk has submitted an oldy but a goody! A great remix of Mysidia :) (If I remember correctly, it scored high in its competition)
  • Collprin and BlackStealth have both submitted Saga Frontier and Parasite Eve songs (respectively)!
  • Also, you can look forward to an MP3 mix of my Zerovos? Lavomus?? song that was posted last week. Pretty much for the people who can't play .XM's (anyone out there?) and also a couple MIDIs (especially a rare one) from Chrono Trigger. (You wont hear the second one outside of the Chrono Trigger j Demo. Special Thanks goes to Barubary! Thanks man!

Listen to all of them, they're all great! :) I also encourage you all to read any commentary that they have, as well, because the authors don't put them there for their own health. :)

I'm pretty much trying to be fair this time around, giving everyone their own equal "publicity" as that's pretty much what the music section has been about in the past. Though things may be different from back then, I tried to keep the spirit of it alive in this update. Despite some opinions expressed, I think RPGamer's music section will live on! But it wont without your help. I'm personally requesting everyone that can, to submit anything or contribute anything they can. I surely will appreciate it, I didn't receive that many submissions this time around. (Otherwise I wouldn't have submitted) This time around I only really accepted 5 submissions per person (there were some who were um, trying to give me about 20 times that, which I appreciate, I just didn't want to promote any dominance in this update. I also didn't have that kind of time).

Remember, RPGamer does NOT accept any files that aren't made by yourself. If you simply submit a converted SPC file to IT, you will be ..pretty much laughed at. :) We do have enough experience to tell the difference. No original recordings, either please. We're trying to promote remixes! Also, I'm kind of hypocritical here, but we need songs of games that don't get much publicity. Ys, for example. Also, did some of you forget Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is on the RPGamer games list? :)

This update was really fun.. I enjoyed doing it, but I don't have the time to do it every week, and I'm not totally sure who's taking over yet. A certain person with the same name as me, most likely. We're not shifting music directors as much as before though, so don't worry. I'll be free to update in the future, a couple times too. I'm offering this help after all. I want to take this time to invite some of you to #RPGamer on! Go read the IRC FAQ :) Come chat with some of us, it's fun here! Also, while you're on EsperNet, come by #SSTrax too. I personally don't remember Khalal announcing it as the official idling channel, and major changes are under way. We're trying to revive it, so help us out please. :)

Remember! Submit here! :)

You obviously need to know a little bit about Ranma ?, Pokémon, and some #RPGamer humour to get this. ;)
Special thanks to MoonWolf for Mafoochu. ^_^

P.s. There's a new feature down there just for fun. :) Hope you guys enjoy, no real prize though. Hehe.
P.s.s. I appologize if there are any problems in this update, as well. :/
Audiophile Features

Name That Song! *BONUS*

Clich Here for the song. Highlight the rest of the area to see what it is!:
Name: Live a Live - Fine Weather Today

MP3 Remixes

Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy IV
Zerovos? Lavomus?? by Mathew Valente

Final Fantasy I
Matouya's Cave Remix by Mark Lewis

Final Fantasy VI
Zozo (remix) by Orkybash

Final Fantasy VII
You Can Hear the Cries of the Planet by Orkybash


Chrono Trigger
Boss Battle 1 by Mathew Valente
Unknown Boss Battle (from CTjDemo) by Mathew Valente

Final Fantasy I
Matouya's Cave Remix (WinGroove version) by Mark Lewis

Final Fantasy VIII
Ami (Piano Collection) by Darth Sidhe
Eyes on Me (Piano Collection) by Darth Sidhe
Fisherman's Horizon (Piano Collection) by Darth Sidhe

Parasite Eve
Femmes Fatales by BlackStealth
Missing Perspective by BlackStealth

Saga Frontier
Showdown Rock Concert by Collprin
Digital Music
Chrono Trigger
Brink of Time by Beej
Guardia Castle by Beej
NES Battle Theme Remix by Beej
Primitive Mountain by Beej

Final Fantasy III
Victory Theme by Cowclops

Final Fantasy IV
Mysidia *ElkMiX* by LittleElk

Final Fantasy VI
Victory Theme by Cowclops

Final Fantasy VIII
Blue Fields by Andrew Dolan

Secret of Mana
The Underwater Continent by Cowclops

Legend of Zelda 3: A Link to the Past
Ending Remix by Beej
Chrono Cross/Radical Dreamers
Time's Scar by Kristof Darmawikarta
Unstolen Jewel by Ichiban

Final Fantasy VI
Another World of Beasts by Thomas McManus
Kids Run Through by Thomas McManus
The Day After by Thomas McManus

Final Fantasy VII
Cry of the Planet by Thomas McManus
Black-caped Man by Thomas McManus


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