09.15.00 - Ohayo! ^_^

Hi! My name's Amber, I'm also known as "MissSchala" on EsperNET. I'm very pleased and honored to be part of the RPGamer crew. A big bundle of "thankye"s go out to the entire staff for welcoming me so warmly! Also, I'd like to say hi to my buddy, Alaric Darconville, because I know he's reading this. Don't worry, no matter how bad things get, they will eventually reach a point where they'll get better. ^_^

Anyway, down to business here. As you can probably see, there are only 20 files for this update! Even so, there are quite a few gems. If I would have to pick a 'featured file' from this update, it would definitely be TSSF's Zerovos? Lavomus??. Remixes like these are what make the archive shine. Send in those remixes! :) Also, soon I hope to have the "Contribution Guidelines" page revamped. Until then, here a few guidelines that may not have been mentioned already:

  • In addition to the files mentioned on the Guidelines page, I am also now accepting SoundFont files. The SoundFont can be for a series of MIDIs you have sequenced, or for an entire game in particular, if you wish! Just please try to keep them under 10MB.

  • Please only submit your files once. I will try to respond to all e-mail I receive, but if I don't, please assume I received the file. My mail server is pretty forgiving, and I have a fast connection, but having a 5MB MP3 file submitted 10 times in a row by multiple people could max out my puny C: drive pretty quickly. (^^)
Finally, I need a full mailbox for my next update, (which I promise will be in one week or less!! ^_^) so send in your sequences, tracked projects, MP3 remixes, recorded vocal files, (record yourself singin' to the opening theme to Lunar:SSSC? I wanna hear it! Send it my way. ^^;) or anything else you can scrounge up (that you've made, of course). If it's related to any of the games featured on this site, send it on in!

Ciao for now. ^_~

  - Amber "MissSchala" Ritchie

Audiophile Features

MP3 Remixes
Final Fantasy IX - Battle Theme (Techno) by CorazonAzul

Chrono Cross - Another World Overworld by Matt Garber
Chrono Cross - Staring at the Sea by Chuck Anderson
Final Fantasy IX - Battle Theme (Techno) by CorazonAzul
Secret of Evermore - Load Screen by BillyChaos

Digital Music
Chrono Cross - The Girl Who Stole the Stars by TSSF
Chrono Cross - The Girl Who Stole the Stars (Radical Dreamers) by TSSF
Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme (Orchestrated/Enhanced) by TSSF
Chrono Trigger - Zerovos? Lavomus?? by TSSF
Final Fantasy VIII - Find Your Way (Freak Mix) by freak child
Final Fantasy VIII - Force Your Way by MiraiTrunks
Final Fantasy VIII - Premonition by MiraiTrunks
Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Prelude of Light by Andrew Mike
Chrono Cross - Another Aruni by UltraMog
Chrono Cross - Home Guldove by Jonathan B.
Chrono Cross - Time Grasslands by UltraMog
Final Fantasy VI - Narshe by UltraMog
Final Fantasy VI - Spinach Rag by UltraMog
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Angels' Fear by UltraMog
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Ending by UltraMog


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