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    Heylas. I don't really have much to say, so it'll be short. Apparently Internet Explorer showed red links on the sidebar while Netscape showed silver. So when IE users e-mailed me over the red links issue, I didn't know what the hell they were talking about until someone sent a pic. Um, tomorrow are my last two final exams. Lets see, Ultima-Eternity's due date pushed forward 2 weeks. donating prizes as well as Project Majestic Mix. I think I should rename Musician/Soundtrack of the week to Musician/Soundtrack of the lapse between updates.

    Since I'm in a rather large hurry and this isn't my top priority, I've posted just two songs from Jesse. Enjoy. Sorry about the rather rude/boring/delayed update. Once I get out of school, that will change. Things may just happen to suprise you all ;) BTW, thanks Scarmiglion for making the signature pic transparent.

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    Aside from RPGamer work, I set aside time to create the most interesting video game music tournament ever, Ultima-Eternity. The absolute largest tournament I have hosted yet, Ultima-Eternity essentially requires an entrant to remix any RPG song (in any format) and send it in by May 19th. I trust every RPGamer musician will enter Ultima-Eternity. For the complete listing of rules, information, and everything you would possibly want to know, go to the Ultima-Eternity website. You may just get a few prizes out of entering- Good luck!

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    Final Fantasy VI
    Title: "Locke's Theme" - Ballad
    Composer: Jesse-kun
    Final Fantasy VI
    Title: "Terra's Theme" - Pop-Rock Remix
    Composer: Jesse-kun
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