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Parasite Eve Remixes

   Yoko Shimomura's electronica remix CD highlights some of the most memorable songs from Parasite Eve and features mixes done by nine various Tokyo-centered DJs.

Musician of the Week
Mark "Detrafilia" Jordan

   Yes I know this is one of the most egotistical things I've done here on RPGamer, haha. I'm a little pressed for time with this update. But hey, this gives me a chance once a year to talk about myself for a change. I've been working for RPGamer for over a year in various areas. I've been doing music here at RPGamer for about a year as well. I currently am the founder of the tracking group, SStrax. I also plot and scheme with Besides all of that, I'm the Director of Interaction here at

I promise I'll post info on the new competition soon!

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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas! Witness the evolution! I bring to you all a new section that I like to call "Recorded Remixes". Once, years ago, RPGamer started in the void as a lone MIDI. From that single MIDI gained noticeable recognition and followers. MIDI grew more popular until people wanted more out of it. Most people didn't want to go to the trouble to get a new sound card. As most know, some of the better sound cards can cost over two hundred dollars. From this migration came Digital Modules. Modules are also known as Digital Music here on RPGamer. Remakes of your favorite RPG songs sprung from sequencers and trackers that mastered the art. Modules involved higher sample quality and better overall sound. Unfortunately, the average user doesn't like to download programs to play modules. But now, I bring the Recorded Remixes. With this, MIDI sequencers who use top quality sound fonts in their MIDIs can record their midi to .mp3 and have people listen to the song the way they should be- Outstanding. Modules can be remixed up to the highest quality possible and have the size sliced down to a minimum with this very section.

            Besides creating with the two older forms of music-making, people can submit recordings of their bands playing remixes of their favorite songs. Singers can add words to songs that lacked lyrics before and create a beautiful vocal operetta. I ask you all to embrace this new format. Recorded Remixes appeals to most everyone with an ear and computer speakers. I have posted several varieties of Recorded Remixes at the bottom of the page. They range from beautiful orchestral pieces to extreme electronica remixes. A great example of the vocal remixes is the results of Operattack Finality. I hope to see the best from this new section.

           Aside from the grand new section, we have quite a bit of music today! I can't go any further without pointing out Erdrick's Mara and Nara battle remix. This was originally an entry for a SStrax competition known as X5 (RPGamer started joining in with X6). A powerful remix and true to the original song, Erdrick's remix is one you don't want to miss. Check it out! SideShowBob5577 has contributed several resequenced songs for you all to enjoy; Thanks! Don't forget Cloak's retrack of Guardia Castle. Very good job on that. Former Musician of the Week and personal friend AustenL made an awesome retrack that he dedicated to me. The song is The Extreme from Final Fantasy VIII. Thanks Austen! I feel loved! Speaking of The Extreme, Chief Ug made a midi version of the song and various other songs for us to enjoy. Great job on them all! For those wanting a recalling memory of Final Fantasy VI, check out Robert's Victory retrack. Thomas brings us our first MIDI from Front Mission 3. I was very pleased to see that in my inbox. Back in the FF8 World, Andrew Dolan, a newcomer to the land of tracking, has created two rather well done songs: Blue Fields and Galbadia Garden. Joshua K. resequenced Slide Show, Part II for us all to enjoy as well as his latest Grandia MIDI.

           Krelian puts aside his nanotechnology to create a resequence of Aeris' Theme from Final Fantasy VII while Raiden brings memories of The Grindery in Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. Sequencer Chimerasame contributes his well done Crustecia Theme song from Secret of Evermore for today's update while senior sequencer Jeff Chermak brings us yet again some more great Terranigma MIDIs. Check out Raichu's Trainer Battle Remix from Pokémon. I grew rather fond of it- Good job! Thomas and Fuhrmania donated two new guitar tabs for you all to play at home while Ben brings a very haunting Lost Painting piano score. I love how the tabs section is growing more and more every day. Kudos and thanks to all the musicians and fans of today's update; Especially to those who started off the new section here at The Music Box.

           By the way, I am going to start adding things by popular demand. I don't want to give away all the suprises, but I'll leave you with a few of them. For one, I'm going to add a page that links to the individual game's music pages themselves so you don't have to keep flipping through that massive games page for your favorite songs. I'm also adding a Musician Biographies page to give tribute to those who originally created all the songs you love. Also expect a few more soundtrack reviews in the future. Don't forget to tell me what you think of the new section. I hope to see you all next week- Zhai`helleva!

The Man with the Golden Updates

Music for Sunday, March 12th, 2000
Breath of Fire 3
Cedar Woods by SideShowBob5577
Final Battle by SideShowBob5577
Town Theme by SideShowBob5577
Chrono Cross
The Brink of Death by SideShowBob5577
Chrono Trigger
Digital Music
Guardia Castle by Cloak
Dragon Quest IV
Digital Music
Mara and Nara's Battle Theme ~ (Remix) by Erdrick
Final Fantasy V
The Unknown Land by Chief Ug
Final Fantasy VI
Victory! by Robert H.
Final Fantasy VII
Aeris' Theme by Krelian Hoffman
Final Fantasy VIII
Digital Music
Blue Fields by Andrew Dolan
The Extreme by AustenL
Galbadia Garden by Andrew Dolan
The Extreme by Chief Ug
Lunatic Pandora by SideShowBob5577
Slide Show, Part II by Joshua Kaufman
Front Mission 3
Final by Thomas H. Lee
The Sandy Beaches of Ganbo by Joshua Kaufman
Legend of Legaia
Boss Theme by SideShowBob5577
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
The Grindery by Radien
Digital Music
Trainer Battle ~ (Remix) by Raichu876
Secret of Evermore
Crustecia by Chimerasame
Credits Theme by Jeff Chermak
Elle's Theme by Jeff Chermak
Wild ARMs
Battle with Motherfried by SideShowBob5577
Demon Battle by SideShowBob5577
Zeik Tuvai by SideShowBob5577
Recorded Remixes

Final Fantasy IV
Title: Orchestral Boss Remix
Composer: Jesse-Kun

Final Fantasy V
Title: Ahead On Our Way Castle-Style Remix
Composer: Kaijin

Final Fantasy VI
Title: Devil's Lab Acid Remix
Composer: Khalal
Composer Comments: The song was originally for the SStrax project, TerraX. When the project got scrapped, I decided to release it. The majority of it was done by me but NintendoGuru helped me get the samples.

Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
Title: Wind Nocturne Jazz Remix
Composer: Kaijin
Title: Wind Nocturne Piano Recital
Composer: Kaijin

Title: Emotion - Starlight Dream Mix
Composer: Kaijin
Title: Into The Sky - Final Mix
Composer: Kaijin
Music Sheets and Miscellanious Tabulations
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Lost Painting (Piano)
by Ben
Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme (Guitar)
by Fuhrmania
Final Fantasy VI - Kids Run Past the City Corner (Guitar)
by Thomas McManus

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