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Dr. J, Chrono 2001

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Final Fantasy VIII Arranged:
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

   Composer Nobuo Uematsu brings the mix of a 'Succession of Witches' and 'Love' in this beautiful orchestral compilation.

Musician of the Week

   Mune has sent in various works over the past year. An accomplished tracker, he takes pride in creating some of the most perfected works in RPGamer's digital music. From retracks to enhancements to remixes, Mune has done it all. Be sure to check out his latest songs including a duo-track with former musician of the week MiraiTrunks here on RPGamer in the Chrono Trigger section.

A competition unlike any the RPG music world has seen is coming. Keep an eye out on Music Box and other places for this competition; You definatly do not want to miss it.

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Music Update Archive
Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas everyone! Has it been three weeks since the last update? I usually try not to be so delayed when it comes to things, especially Music Box. I've had an interesting three weeks. At least now you all get an update and I hope it makes up for the lag time. How do you like the pictures here on the page? Be sure to tell me what you think! I thought the pictures bring a nice graphical appeal to the page. Good job to all the contestants in Operattack Finality! I didn't expect too many entries for this one, but the ones that came in were well done (Even though SquallStrife's was rather hurtful to the ears). The next competition won't be revealed until a later date. All I can say now that is I hope every music talent who reads this page is ready for a competition unlike the video game world has seen. Don't miss it! A lot of visitors tend to forget that The Music Box has other things besides MIDI and Digital Music. I am now accepting mp3 recordings of bands or singing. An example would be that if you are in a band, and you play a song from an RPG or remix one, send it in and I'll take a listen and perhaps post it! Also, a lot of people don't know we have things like soundfonts. Soundfonts are located in Misc. Music on the sidebar. Also, thanks to OpmX and LagnaLocke for their new tabulations! OpmX brings us our first guitar tab from Diablo, the town theme, while LagnaLocke brings a cool tab from Chrono Trigger, World Revolution.

           Aside from special side-things, this update is mainly dedicated to Chrono Trigger (As you can see at the bottom of the page.) Before I talk about the Chrono Trigger portion of the music, I'd like to start with the rest. Two very well done modules of Chrono Cross by AustenL and MiraiTrunks have been added to the archives. Reverse Sigma brings the only MIDI of the update from Final Fantasy V: "Home, Sweet Home". I always liked that song. Skyline's Legend of Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time medley is very well done and worth the download. Be sure to check it out! One of my favorite pieces on today's update is LaSombrA's "Theme of Aya" remix. Rivaling the Arranged CD version of "Theme of Aya", LaSombrA's is a very powerful and well done mix. The only problem with it is the size (about 2 mb). It is very well worth the download though; I highly recommend it.

           There is just too much to talk about! Altima's "Battle Theme" is precise to the notes as usual while his "Overworld 1000 A.D." remix is sure to entice even the oldest of Chrono Trigger fans. Musician of the Week Mune brings several originals and cool remixes today including the unreleased version of the 2nd Battle Theme and the unreleased track, Yama no Uta (Singing Mountain). Ancient tracker MiraiTrunks tracked the original of Singing Mountain as well as worked with Mune for the remix of the same song. De's "Lab 16 Ruins" and "The Black Omen" will bring back memories to the avid fans. Blackganon brings us three perfected modules: The Brink of Time, Guardia Castle, and Primative Mountain. Very good job to him on these! Speaking of Guardia, DJ Lizard created a highly cool version of the Guardia Millenial Fair. Be sure to check it out!

           NintendoGuru's "Lab 16 Ruins" remix is very well done; as well as TheJadeMonkey's "World Revolution" Remix. Last of the originals, Vector's "Overworld 600 A.D." brings back the memories of the past. Last of the songs themself, previous Musician of the Week Amstrocity brings seven extremely good songs. My personal favorites of the bunch are "The Black Omen" remix and "Yon Veiled Queen of Zeal". Well, this has been an overall cool update. I hope to see more submissions in my inbox soon! Thanks to all the musicians on todays update, and have a great week. Zhai`helleva!

The Man with the Golden Updates

Music for Sunday, February 27th, 2000
Chrono Cross
Digital Music
Chrono Cross ~ Dream that Dreams Dream (Demo Version) by MiraiTrunks
Feelings Not Erased by AustenL and MiraiTrunks

Chrono Trigger
Digital Music
Impulse Tracker
Battle Theme by Altima
Battle Theme 2 (Previously Unreleased Track) by Mune
Battle Theme 2 (Previously Unreleased Track) ~ (Remix) by Mune
Battle Theme 2 (Previously Unreleased Track ~ (NES Style Remix) by Mune
The Black Omen by De
The Brink of Time by Blackganon
Guardia Castle by Blackganon
Guardia Millenial Fair ~ (Remix) by DjLizard
Lab 16 Ruins by De
Lab 16 Ruins ~ (Remix) by NintendoGuru
Overworld 600 A.D. by Vector
Overworld 1000 A.D. ~ (Remix) by Altima
Primative Mountain by Blackganon
Secret of the Forest by Crono
Singing Mountain (Previously Unreleased Track by MiraiTrunks
Singing Mountain (Previously Unreleased Track ~ (NES Style Remix) by MiraiTrunks and Mune
World Revolution ~ (Remix) by TheJadeMonkey

Scream Tracker 3
The Black Omen ~ (Remix) by Amstrocity
"Consequence" by Amstrocity features two songs from CT.
"A Future of Desolation" by Amstrocity is a beautiful, powerful medley of many CT songs.
Magus by Amstrocity
"Palace of the Sun Stone" by Amstrocity is a beautiful mix of the Manoria Cathedral and other songs.
Trial ~ (Remix) by Amstrocity
"Yon Veiled Queen of Zeal" by Amstrocity is a very well done remix of Queen Zeal's theme.
Final Fantasy V
Home, Sweet Home by Reverse Sigma
Legend of Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time
Digital Music
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time Medley by Skyline
Parasite Eve
Digital Music
Theme of Aya ~ (Remix) by LaSombrA
Judging Information for Operattack Finality

-Mark Jordan
-Faris from Shinryuu's Lair.

Entrants had to record themselves singing an RPG song. The song could have accompianment of any kind. Fan-Made lyrics were allowed.
Operattack Finality Scores
1st - Final Fantasy Love Will Grow - "Prelude" by Xellos Rogue and Saki
2nd - Final Fantasy VIII: "Eyes on Me" by Lindsey Cormier
3rd - Lunar: The Silver Star Story Compete "Wings" by Shosetsu
4th - Xenogears: "Small of Two Pieces" by Xenon
5th - Xenogears: "Small of Two Pieces" by Lorelai
6th - Xenogears: "Small of Two Pieces" by Natalie
7th - Final Fantasy VII - "Cid's Theme" by Salah
8th - Final Fantasy VII - "Aeris' Theme" by Umi
9th - Final Fantasy VIII - "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" by SquallStrife
Music Sheets and Miscellanious Tabulations
Chrono Trigger - World Revolution (Trumpet)
by LagnaLocke
Diablo - Town Theme (Guitar)
by OpmX

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