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Chrono Cross: Original Soundtrack

   Composer Yasunori Mitsuda's Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack 'crosses' dimensions. Read the full review on his latest album here at The Music Box.

Musician of the Week

   Seraph-Sama is the quickest person to make Musician of the Week on Music Box due to his extrodinary tracking abilities. He has tracked many songs from Final Fantasy VII to near perfection, including his latest One Winged Angel, that rivals even older trackers. Be sure to check out his latest work and others here at RPGamer.

Operattack Finality
For those who entered Operattack-1, please resubmit your entries. No matter how many entries are submitted, this competition will be finished once and for all. The entry can be with accompianment if chosen. The time restraint is 3 minutes.
Due Date::
Midnight, February 20th, 2000
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Music Update Archive
Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas and good evening! I trust everyone had a good week. It appears as if sections of the Music Box are slowly disappearing, no? Don't fret too much, all of it will be back soon with some surprising additions. I'm glad the whole deal with RPGlair got cleared up. Two good morals we can learn from this are not to be too hasty and to learn to ask before using. As for any site, I ask that you don't use RPGamer's competition entries, tabs, and lyrics on your site without permission from me. It may seem trivial to some, but it's a matter of respect. You wouldn't like it if someone took your things and didn't give you credit. But with this all said and done, we can move on now. We finally have another addition to Miscellaneous Music, a Final Fantasy IV Sound font! If you didn't know, Miscellaneous Music has several sound fonts and other neat things you might find interesting. I want to start posting music discs like Conception, so if your in a tracking group and are making a disc, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

           Musically speaking, we have quite a bit today. I usually get frustrated with these types of updates because there is so much editing involved. At three in the morning, my body gave out and I couldn't work any more. But finally I have the update done with some surprising stuff. Mister G has created yet another Final Fantasy VI song that is rather well done. For sequencers out there, be sure to check it out. Also be sure to listen to Yura's Liberi Fatali. It's highly well done. Of course, this isn't meant to undermine Crash's version of the song as well. DarkHero has created another Breath of Fire II track for you all to enjoy, the coliseum. Captain Faris has created an interesting flute duet rendition of the Battle with Magus from Chrono Trigger. Fellow musician Parn has sent in several remixes that I recommend everyone to listen to. I particularly like the Kids Run Past the City Corner remix. Three new tracked songs from Final Fantasy VII today: Andrew Mike's Tifa and Barret's Theme, and Seraph Sama's One Winged Angel. Very good to both of them. I was highly impressed with Seraph Sama's One Winged Angel. Be sure to give it a listen as well. Lazreal's The Man with the Machine Gun midi is down below for all you Final Fantasy VIII fans to listen to. Within Final Fantasy Tactics, Douglas Feldmann created an unique Formations Fugue as well as Evan Micheal's updated The Decisive Battle. There is just too much to talk about!

           Jeff Daily brings in an Alternative version to "Show Me Your Eyes", the ending theme to Illusion of Gaia, while Goku proudly shows off two new remixes to The Legend of Zelda's famous introduction theme. XShadow's Airship Theme from Lufia is rather interesting, while WildDrac's new Lunar song pleases fans. Salivator brings us the first ever Tales of Destiny digital music file here on RPGamer, "Despair". Very good job Salivator! Talon also brings a well done song from Tales of Phantasia, "Bright Moonlit Night", for you all to enjoy as well. Last but not least, AerisParappaMog sequenced "A Sister's Thought" from Wild ARMs. Good job to all the musicians on today's update, and thanks for submitting to the Music Box!

           Some people claim they don't like to listen to the digital music files because other file types are more accurate and easier to listen to. In retort to this, Win AMP can play the digital music files here on RPGamer quite easily. Also, digital music have a smaller file size for you to download easier with. Trackers painstakingly put together these songs and made them note by note, so if there are any errors, you don't notice them at all. I hope to see more and more submissions as the days go by! Zhai`helleva fellow RPGamers!

The Man with the Golden Updates

Music for Sunday, February 6th, 2000
Bahamut Lagoon
Village Near Mahaal Palace by Ragnarosen
Breath of Fire II
Digital Music
The Coliseum by DarkHero
Chrono Trigger
Magus Theme ~ (Flute Duet) by Captain Faris
Dragon Quest
Digital Music
Alefgard - Overworld Theme ~ (Remix) by Parn
Final Fantasy II
Overworld Theme by WildDrac
Final Fantasy VI
Digital Music
Kids Run Past the City Corner ~ (Remix) by Parn
Overture by Mister G!
Final Fantasy VII
Digital Music
Barret's Theme by Andrew Mike
One Winged Angel by Seraph-Sama
Tifa's Theme by Andrew Mike
Final Fantasy VIII
Liberi Fatali by Yura
Liberi Fatali ~ (2) by Crash7277
The Man with the Machine Gun by Lazreal
Final Fantasy Legend III
Digital Music
Inside Talon ~ (Remix) by Parn
Final Fantasy Tactics
Formation Fugue by Douglas Feldmann
Genso Suikoden
Main Theme by Matt Pollard
Illusion of Gaia
Show Me Your Eyes ~ (Alternative Version) by Jeff Daily
Legend of Zelda
Introduction ~ (Jazz Style) by Goku
Introduction ~ (Orchestral Style) by Goku
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
Digital Music
Airship Theme by XShadow
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
Thoughts Far Away ~ (Complete) by WildDrac
Tales of Destiny
Digital Music
Despair by Salivator
Tales of Phantasia
Bright Moonlit Night by Talon
Wild ARMs
A Sister's Thought by AerisParappaMog
Digital Music
See You Again ~ (Remix) by Parn
Wanderers from Ys / Ys III
Digital Music
Staff Theme ~ (Remix) by Parn
Updated Music
Final Fantasy Tactics - The Decisive Battle by Evan Micheals
Music Sheets and Miscellanious Tabulations
Final Fantasy VII - Aeris' Theme (Piano)
by James "the Blunderbuss" Chilcott
Final Fantasy VII - Anxious Heart (Piano)
by James "the Blunderbuss" Chilcott
Legend of Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time - Faerie's Cave Theme (Guitar)
by OpmX
Legend of Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time - Kakariko Village (Piano)
by James "the Blunderbuss" Chilcott
Miscellanious Music Things
Final Fantasy IV Soundfont by Cowclops

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