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The Harmonious Resolution of Somnia

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   Relatively new to RPGamer, Kaijin can do anything but go unnoticed. Working at VGMIDI, Kaijin is becoming one of the most interesting and aspiring sequencers. His entries in the X-MIDI competitions always gain attention from judges and listeners alike as well as his remixes. Be sure to check out his latest songs here on The Music Box and await his upcoming X-MIDI-3 entry.

Since he was only up for a half week last week, he gets a full week this week.

Operattack Finality
For those who entered Operattack-1, please resubmit your entries. No matter how many entries are submitted, this competition will be finished once and for all.
Due Date::
Midnight, February 20th, 2000
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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas everyone! Welcome to this special edition of The Music Box. Today features 16 MIDI remixes of various RPG songs and 1 very special tracked remake. Before I talk about X-MIDI-3, I should talk about the remake first. X-MIDI-3 results are in finally! Yura takes first place with his wonderful Legacy of the Wizard medley. Like the first two competitions, Kaijin takes second place. Be sure to check out his amazing jazzy Lunar song. Third place is the amazing Final Fantasy Female Theme Grand Mix by Micheal H. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes competition between Squall Strife, Cronokyle, and Kaijin. I wish I could see this type of fun competition more often.

           I'd like to personally thank the staff members of The GIA, RPGFan, and Total RPG who judged this wonderful event. The next competition coming up is the Operattack Finality. Operattack Finality is the absolute closure of Operattack-1. The compo consisted of taking any RPG song and singing it while having judges grade it. Many entries were received, but they arrived while in the middle of a troubling time in my life. With signifgant other trouble and work overload, the two became a deadly combonation. But while I was taking my vacation from RPGamer, the Operattack-1 got shoved aside by myself and various other people, prolonging the competitions's completion. Now, I ask of all partakers to send in their entries. Or if you want to send in something new, or are a new entrant, feel free to submit your entry as well. I'll be accepting .mp3, .wav, and .ra for the vocal singing. I hope to recieve some new entries as well! Thanks, and good luck.

           *January 31st* I don't know where to begin. Yesterday, I posted an Ultimatum to RPGLair to have them remove all RPGamer tabs, lyrics, piano sheets, and rpgamer exclusive songs(Competition entries, ect.) After several musicians notified me of the unasked posting of songs and refusal to take down their files, I checked into it further to find files on their site such as my personally made lyric files and the unrenamed x-midi-2 files. I don't like to make enemies, so I will apologize for my harsh message yesterday. Unfortunatly, it ended with RPGLair taking down their entire site. This was purely not my intent. My anger-stricken intent was to make the public aware of what they had done wrong, and if they were a victim of the site, then to e-mail them to have it corrected or removed. One of the things I hold highest in work ethics is proper crediting to musicians. It usually gets me very angry. I admit I took haste to post a threatening message to RPGlair. It's very unfortunate that people misread my message and my intent. I apologize to all of you who read the message and took offense. I did however get an enormous amount of response from musicians telling me how glad they were their music was off. Yes, whereas RPGlair didn't credit musicians and stole songs, I took it hastely and wanted the full attack on them. I apologize yet again to you RPGlair, all of your staff, and I wish that you reopen. Please, in the future, credit musicians. I still want the tabs/piano sheets/lyrics/rpgamer exclusive files off though. Thank you, and I wish the best for you.

           In other words, don't rip of musicians. I know this a rather short, unharmonious update, but next week will be more site-intensive with soundtracks, updated pages, and a few new suprises. I hate to cut my message short, but all of the entrants of X-MIDI-3 are waiting outside with anger to see the results. Until next Sunday (Or if I decide to update duiring the week), Zhai`helleva!

Expect a suprise at the end of the week!

Music for Sunday, January 30th, 2000
Information on X-MIDI-3:
The rules were as follow: Compose a remix to any RPG song.
Judges were to grade upon the following criteria:

-How well they liked the song (50 points).
-How well it was put together (50 points).
X-MIDI-3 Judges:
Judge #1: Andrea Hartmann - Her Website Here.
Andrea loves music and dabbles in sequencing. She also hosts the fan art column, "Sketch Artist", on The GIA.

Judge #2: Michelle Balsan
Michelle is the previews co-editor on Total RPG and has a great deal of love for music.

Judge #3: Jason "Lakupo" Corbett
Jason is a previews co-editor and staff writer for TotalRPG and also loves RPG music.

Judge #4: Brian Balsan
Brian has been a fan of RPGs and their music for many years.

Judge #5: Jason "Parn" Walton
Jason is the music guy over at RPGfan. He thoroughly enjoys music and the backgrounds behind them.

Judge #6: Amber "MissSchala" Ritchie
Amber has entered X-MIDI-1 and is an accomplished sequencer in the RPG music realm. She currently owns RPGStuff.
Download all the entries in ZIP
Place Song Title Composer Score

01 "The Legacy of the Wizard Medley" Yura 92.3
02 Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete: "Theme of the Wind" Kaijin 83.6
03 "The Final Fantasy Female Theme Grand Mix" Michael Huang 82.38
04 Terranigma: "Title and Crysta Medley" Mister G! 80.1
05 Xenogears: "March of Sea and Fire" SquallStrife 76.8
06 Final Fantasy VI: "Celes" Jeremy 74
07 "Calypso de Chocobo" Wilbert Roget 73.1
08 Chrono Trigger: "World Revolution" CronoKyle 70.6
9 "The RPG Mix" RavenBFTG 70.3
10 Seiken Densetsu III: "Innocent Waters" A Blue Guitar 68
11 Chrono Trigger: "Magus' Theme" Cyrussaur 66
12 Final Fantasy VI: "Aria Fugue" Bean 63.3
13 Chrono Trigger: "Time Circuits" LancerMog 62.2
14 Seiken Densetsu III: "Rolling Cradle" Khalal 62
15 Final Fantasy 5: "The Unknown Land" Beigegoo 60.8
16 Final Fantasy VI: "Battle Theme" Callinon 56.8

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