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   Relatively new to RPGamer, Kaijin can do anything but go unnoticed. Working at VGMIDI, Kaijin is becoming one of the most interesting and aspiring sequencers. His entries in the X-MIDI competitions always gain attention from judges and listeners alike as well as his remixes. Be sure to check out his latest songs here on The Music Box and await his upcoming X-MIDI-3 entry.

X-MIDI-3 consists of remixing any song from any RPG on the RPGamer list. Prizes will be determined at a later date. Operattack-1 will be reheld after X-MIDI-3.
Due Date::
Midnight, January 27th, 2000.
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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas everyone! Everything from July to October 99 have been posted or declined by this update. If you submitted your song between those months and it is not on today's update, e-mail me and I can tell you why it was denied. I must apologize somewhat for the delayed update. I originally planned to make an update on the 23rd. On January 23rd, 1999, I started working here at RPGamer. I wanted to do a small birthday update to commemorate that. Unfortunately, I have been highly sick the past few days and have been unable to complete the update until now. I hope it doesn't bring too many tears to your face. In light of my sarcasm, some dates have been changed. The X-MIDI-3 compo's due date for these entries is pushed back to the 27th. Get the entries in. The extra day gives entrants time to perfect their Midis and for more people to enter. Selected judges will be grading the entries and will have their results to me by January 29th. The results will be posted on my January 30th Music Box Update.

           Lets talk about music, shall we? Today Ragnarosen has brought us many interesting songs to listen to. One such song that can go unnoticed is the first ever Square's Tom Sawyer MIDI, the Forest Theme, here on RPGamer. Also, Ragnarosen brings two new Earthbound battle MIDIs, a music mix medley of Carwen and Aveh Dance, and finally, a team-sequence of "Save Olan!" with Tyvek Liinhaal. X-MIDI-1 winner Max brings two Brave Fencer Musashi MIDIs to RPGamer with near-perfect accuracy. I have no clue as to why I like the Hilda's Grocery song so much, but it influenced today's update title. Jaroban brings several Chrono Trigger MIDIs and a Final Fantasy VI one as well. In other Final Fantasy VI news, Mister G! brings three very accurate MIDIs from the game, including Devil's Lab, Blackjack, and Epitaph. Crash7277 brings a very memorable song from Final Fantasy VIII, "My Mind". Jesse Shepherd brings an interesting battle remix to Final Fantasy II in .mp3 form. It was submitted last July, and I apologize for this longest delay I've ever committed on RPGamer. Infamous tracker, DarkCecil, has created yet another perfect track. From Secret of Mana, his new "The Dark Palace" is here on RPGamer. Defiantly be sure to check it out. Finally, Kaijin brings remixes from Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Xenogears. Be sure to check out all of Kaijin's new songs.

           Until I get off my lazy butt and actually start adding soundtracks(or have people help me), I have taken off the soundtrack of the week. Don't fret- it will be back. Also, I plan to remake the current Music Players and Trackers section. Many of you ask how to play the digital music files. WinAMP can play the digital music files, but not with as great accuracy as players such as Impulse Tracker. ...I fear all the make-up work I have to finish when I get back to school. I've already missed three days. Regarding last week's update that showed a correlation between "The Castle" and Bach's "Fugue in G Minor", a reader sent in information about Lunar 2: Eternal Blue's "Pentagulia" is in reality a more or less altered version of Bach's "Fugue in D Minor". I personally have not gotten around to listen to it yet to check for validity, but I'll try to post clips from these songs ASAP. Another correlation was between Final Fantasy VIII's "Maybe I'm a Lion" and a 70's song "Maybe I'm a Leo." I personally could not find a copy of the song around to check the correlation but I'd appreciate it if someone could send me a copy. While you all are getting out of school, I am here, sick, posting this update. Good listening, and good evening, fellow RPGamers- Zhai`helleva!

Expect a suprise at the end of the week!

Music for Wednesday, January 26th, 2000
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Forest Theme by Ragnarosen
Brave Fencer Musashi
Hilda's Grocery by Max
The Journey Begins by Max
Chrono Cross
Grasslands of Time ~ (Remix) by Kaijin
Time's Scar ~ (Remix) by Kaijin
Chrono Trigger
Boss Battle 1 by Jaroban
Chrono Trigger by Jaroban
Manoria Cathedral by Jaroban
To Far Away Times ~ (Dream Mix) by Kaijin
Wind Scene by Jaroban
Battle Theme 1 by Ragnarosen
Kraken Battle by Ragnarosen
Final Fantasy
Prelude ~ (Missing You Remix) by Kaijin
Final Fantasy II
Digital Music
Battle Theme ~ (Remix) by Jesse Shepherd
Final Fantasy VI
Blackjack by Mister G!
Devil's Lab by Mister G!
Epitaph by Mister G!
Opening Theme by Jaroban
Final Fantasy VIII
My Mind by Crash7277
Final Fantasy Tactics
Save Olan! by Ragnarosen and Tyvek Liinhaal
Secret of Mana
Digital Music
The Dark Palace by DarkCecil
Emotion by Kaijin
Updated Music
For The Savior by SinclairC
Guitar Tabs
Costa Del Sol by John V.
Epitaph by John V.
Music Sheets and Miscellanious Tabulations
Final Fantasy V - Battle With Gilgamesh (Trumpet)
by John V.
Final Fantasy VII - Chasing the Black Caped Man
by Thomas McManus
Final Fantasy VII - You Can Hear the Cries of the Planet
by Thomas McManus
Music Mixes
Carwen and Aveh Dance by Ragnarosen

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