The Music Box - January 16th, 2000

The Little Fugue and its 90's Follower.

Musician of the Week
Squall Strife

    An ever-improving musician of many different trades, Squall Strife has been with RPGamer for several months now. He has not only entered every competition RPGamer has had (Even Operattack-1), but he has contributed to many aspects of RPGamer's music collection.
   Some of his most memorable work includes his Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete remixes. Be sure to check out his latest posted work: Chrono Trigger's Anime Ending(Resequenced)and his Xenogears Remix entitled "March of Sea and Fire" here at the music box.
Soundtrack of the Week
Dragon Quest I.II: Symphonic Suite

X-MIDI-3 consists of remixing any song from any RPG on the RPGamer list. Prizes will be determined at a later date. Operattack-1 will be reheld after X-MIDI-3.
Due Date::
January 25th, 2000.
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Music Update Archive
Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas everyone! I bring you some amazing music within my second update of the year. I'm unsure of where to begin. Usually the music on The Music Box is always good with at least one or two very special ones that stick out above all. Today I cannot focus upon any of them as all of the songs are fantastic today. With the exception of a lot of music mixes, the months of July-September have been cleared from my inbox. If there are one or two songs that I missed, I'll most likely either post them on the next update or tell you why I am not posting it. DarkCecil's Mara and Nara battle theme is highly accurate to the original song. All the Dragon Warrior 4 submissions bring back memories of when I was younger and when the game was my favorite.

            Within Final Fantasy VI, Khalal has created a powerful and realistic enhancement to the game's Magitek Research Facility (Devil's Lab). The Music Box also welcomes Seraph-Sama into the RPGaming musician family. Starting off with an impressive bang, Seraph-Sama boasts seven new retracks from Final Fantasy 7 with accuracy and detail. Jeff Kerr brings to RPGamer music lovers today a resequence to the Fisherman's Horizon Concert. Very well done on that particular MIDI, Jeff. Another Jeff within RPGamer has made four new Terranigma MIDIs for RPGamer and we thank him for those as well. Both Joshua Kaufman and Reibu got the same idea for a song to make with Legend of Mana's "Theme of Mana". Both are very well done and emphasize the beauty of Yoko Shimomura's latest soundtrack. There is one small problem with Reibu's digital version: The sample he uses is based upon your sound card. So if you have an old sound card, per say, Sound Blaster 16, then the file may not sound as good. Programs such as ModPLUG do this to digital music while in the creation.

           For those of you who wonder about the RPGamer Interaction Awards, it is going to be posted for voting in the next few days and the results will be in/awards given on the 23rd of January. Also, expect some other treats from RPGamer on the 23rd as well. I particularly look forward to this Sunday because it will have been my official birthday here at RPGamer. A year of changes and excitement has followed me. In other news, Operattack-1 has been declared canceled until a later date. I am aware of all the entrants wishes for the results and I apologize. Many of you have tried very hard and have done such good jobs on the competition. I commend you all for your patience. While Operattack-1 undergoes repairs for a future date, X-MIDI-3 is placed as the current competition. Like the past two X-MIDI competitions, this one involves remixing any song on the RPGamer games list(on the header).

           I am sure some of you are wondering about the title of the update. My very dear friend Faris figured out that snippets from Nobuo Uematsu's "The Castle" (Final Fantasy VIII - Last Area) are directly taken from Bach's Little Fugue in G Minor (BWV 578). After listening to the two myself, I found a great resemblance between both songs and I am sure of the fact that what Faris says is true(Like she always is.) Later in the day I will try to grab a mirrored 30 second cutting from both the Fugue and The Castle for you listeners out there to see what you think about it. encourage every visitor of RPGamer to help out wherever they can. This site is for you all. We always like to see contributions and other help. I'm especially pleased with the amount of Guitar Tabs I've been receiving. I still need a lot more though. Well, it appears the sun is rising over the horizon and I should be getting some sleep. I wish you all a good week and I will see you next Sunday. Zhai`helleva, dear friends.

Expect a suprise at the end of the week!

Music for Sunday, January 16, 2000
Dragon Quest IV
Digital Music
Mara and Nara's Battle Theme by DarkCecil
Final Fantasy VI
Digital Music
Devil's Lab ~ (Remix) by Khalal
Dancing Mad by AgentKuan
Final Fantasy VII
Digital Music
Birth of a God by Seraph-sama
Cid's Theme by Seraph-sama
The Forested Temple by Seraph-sama
It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It? by Seraph-sama
Oppressed People by Seraph-sama
Reunion by Seraph-sama
You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet by Seraph-sama
Final Fantasy VIII
Fisherman's Horizon Concert by Jeff Kerr
Legend of Mana
Digital Music
Theme of Mana by Reibu
Theme of Mana by Joshua Kaufman
Freedom, USA by Jeff Chermak
Liotto Town by Jeff Chermak
The Quatros by Jeff Chermak
Royd's Theme by Jeff Chermak
Updated Music
Digital Music
Final Fantasy IV - Golbez, Clad in the Dark by Khalal
Final Fantasy IV - Fanatic's Tower by Khalal
Super Mario RPG - Kero Sewers by Khalal
Super Mario RPG - Overworld by Khalal
Xenogears - The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen by Khalal
For Our Savior by SinclairC
Music Sheets and Miscellanious Tabulations
Final Fantasy I - Town Theme (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VI - Another World of Beasts (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VII - Tifa's Theme (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VII - Those Chosen by the Planet (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VIII - Ami (Piano Sheets)
Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time - Lon Lon Ranch (Guitar)

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