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Merry, Merry, Merry!!!

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Sorry! ^^;;

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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Happy Holidays, everyone! Yes, another update... three weeks late. I'm very sorry for not keeping up with updates like I promised myself. Final exams were awful... as well as several oral presentations for English. (I'll spare you the details. Let's just say an oral book report on "Big Trouble" by Dave Barry is difficult when your teacher is laughing at you. ^_^)

           Mark's supposedly coming back at the beginning of the year. *fanfare* That means I'm gone... (maybe, who knows. ^^) Anyway, it's Christmas Eve, and I have places to go, so the update today is lacking on a Soundtrack of the week. But I *do* have new stuff for today!

Competitions: Uhm... ask Mark. ^_^.
Lyrics: None today
Misc. Music: Zilch.
Music Mixes: Two more mixes! In the spirit of the holidays is a Final Fantasy Christmas mix, and a combination of Lufia 2's music with Final Fantasy V's. Good work.
Soundtracks: ^^; None. Gomen ne!
Tabs: Four new tabs have been added. Thanks for sending them, guys!
Wanted List: Yes, I'm still looking for a nice "Liberi Fatali" that isn't simply ripped off of the soundtrack in MP3. =)

            Ah, it should be noted that the signature link goes to *my* e-mail address. still needs to be switched back to Mark. For now, just send mail to "", and whatever I get before the switch-over I will send over to the man.
Have a Happy New Year, and make sure to make back-up copies of your precious music files... just in case. ^_^

We Three Kings of Orient are, tried to smoke a... hmm, maybe I shouldn't finish that.

Music for Friday, December 24, 1999
Final Fantasy II (j)
Digital Music
Boss Theme ~ (Remix) by RaiCHu-X2
Final Fantasy IV
Digital Music
Cry In Sorrow by Yellow
Main Theme ~ (Techno) by The Netter

Final Fantasy V
Digital Music
My Home, Sweet Home by Salivator
Final Fantasy VII
Main Theme ~ (Semi-Techno) by Alex Scott
Final Fantasy 8
Ami by Chief Ug
The Successor by Chief Ug
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Boat Song ~ (Arranged) by Omar
Thoughts Far Away by WilDrac
Music Mixes
Final Fantasy Christmas Medley by Nathaniel Lind
Loofmesh by Loofmesh

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