The Music Box - November 11th, 1999

Apples, Bananas, and Dark Chocolate

Musician of the Week
Freak Child

Freak Child is relatively new to The Music Box. His first track of Aria de Mezzo Caraterre from Final Fantasy 6 is a triumph considering that it's one of his very first trackings, and a fairly good one at that. Keep your eyes peeled on this shady character. :-)
Soundtrack of the Week

Star Ocean 2 - Original Soundtrack

Star Ocean 2 - OST


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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Yes, the prophecy has been fulfilled. The Music Box has been updated. Now, now, don't get your treble clefs all twisted up even more than they already are. I know. That little red text next to the Music Box on the main page may be too overwhelming for you to comprehend right away. : )

           It's nice to take an occasional trip to ye olde rusty Hotmail account and see it filled to the brim with .it and .mid files, (nicely tucked in with "Your Account is Too Large" messages...) especially when the work is very high quality. Good job to those of you who submitted since the last update. You'll notice that I don't have the files you submitted to Mark before he went on temporary leave; mainly because I was very occupied this past week and had a godsend day off today. If you still have them ready to send, please re-submit them so they can finally get their 10 minutes in the spotlight.

           I'm afraid that those of you who were anxious to see the results of Operattack-1 will have to wait just a little bit longer. Hopefully they should be in by next update, but with the way things go with school, voice lessons, etc. I can't give any guarentees. Gomen nasai! ^_^

Competitions: None for now, but expect one before the end of the year.
Lyrics: Pah.. that's a good one. No Lyrics updates today.
Misc. Music: None
Music Mixes: None today, although Cid's Prelude from September 13th still has me craving more.
Soundtracks: I was able to finish one today, but we still need help with getting some more completed. Help would be very much appreciated!
Tabs: The Music Box could still use some instrumental music sheets, Guitar/Bass Guitar tabs, etc. The more the merrier.
Wanted List: < yulbrenner >Etc, etc, etc.< /yulbrenner >

            And thus concludes my first "true" update... Thanks to all of you who submitted, and I'll hopefully be able to maintain a better updating schedule. Until next wee..hmm...mont... "time".. ^_^

La lah laah!

Music for Thursday, November 11th, 1999
Bahamut Lagoon
Boss Theme by Crash7277
Final Fantasy 6
Digital Music
Aria de Mezzo Caraterre by Freak Child
Final Fantasy 8
The Landing ~ (Non-Demo Version) by Crash7277
Evergreen Forest by Jeff Chermak

Digital Music
Underworld Theme by Jerobe

Treasure Hunter G
Digital Music
Sad Freedom by Jerobe
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