The Music Box - October 25th, 1999

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Entries were due October 12th. I'll be back later in the week with results from Mark. Rules and FAQ for Operattack-1 can be located here.
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October 12th - Ended
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Operatic Competiton (September 13th)
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  • 1. Star Ocean 2
  • 2. Final Fantasy 2
  • 3. Soul Blazer Series
  • 4. Thousand Arms
  • 5. Parasite Eve Series
Welcome to The Music Box!

            Sorry to dissapoint you, but today's update is just a little "teaser" until we get some final details ironed out here at The Music Box. Mark will be taking a much deserved break until the beginning of 2000 so I, Veronica, will be updating and keeping things in a distorted state of "order" until then. I'll continue to do Weekend Q & A (with a much needed maturing of my journalistic style, I promise!) and New Media when I can break away from my voice practice times. (I'll scream if I have to pronounce another umlaut "ü" any time soon, so missing one here and there shouldn't be a problem.)

Competitions: None
Lyrics: None
Misc. Music: None
Music Mixes: None
Soundtracks: None
Tabs: None
Wanted List: None

            Thanks for your patience until next week. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed next week. After all, a month's load of music has been accumulating in Mark's mailbox...

Veronica Henry, The "Maria" of RPGamer's The Music Box.

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