The Music Box - September 13th, 1999

Operatic Competetion

Musician of the Week
Joshua Kaufman

Joshua has sequenced numerous MIDIS here on RPGamer. From all different genres of RPGs, spanning even into the ones people haven't done anything before(Grandia, Sakura Taisen). Check out his latest work here at The Music Box.
Soundtrack of the Week
Final Fantasy VI: Original sound Version

For once, not a MIDI or Digital Music competition. This is the first RPGamer singing contest. Go here for complete rules and FAQ on how to enter the Operattack.
Due Date: October 12th

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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas fellow musicians. I understand how long it has been since the last music update. I have many songs for you to try to make up for the delay. First off, I would like to thank #sstrax for donating all their NRC-2 entries to RPGamer. NRC-2 was a compo in which the trackers made an NES song sound like a beautiful, instrumental song. Another gem in the midst of this all is one of my personal favorite songs: Necrosaro, Master of Evolution. Hearing Khalal's retrack version made me reminsce of playing Dragon Warrior 4 in between watching Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles. Rather back in the day, if you ask me. Memories of Necrosaro shooting blinding rays of light that made me laugh because they never affected Ragnar, Alena, Taloon, and Cristo come to mind. Ok, enough of that memory.

           The title of today's update has to do with RPGamer's first singing contest. The Operattack-1 is designed for all singers out there who want to be heard(Forgive the pun). For more information on this, check out the daily Music Box news below this paragraph. I'd like to see more of you music lovers on IRC. #RPGmusic is The Music Box's channel for all your tracking, sequencing, singing, and more needs. Don't have IRC? All the info you need is at RPGamer's : IRC FAQ. Stop by and say 'Hi!'.

Competitions: All the rules, FAQ, and submision info for The Music Box's singing contest, Operattack-1, is at here. Need an example of how it should sound? Check out Ronnie Bell's Boat Song. It should be exactly like this except only a minute long (and with whatever song you like RPGs).
Lyrics: As busy as my life gets, no Lyrics have been added.
Misc. Music: I did add Ronnie Bell's Boat Song rendition, be sure to check it out. Good job Ronnie.
Music Mixes: Two new mixes posted. Cid's Prelude Remix is a pretty well put together mix of Cid's theme and the Prelude. Also, the Final Fantasy Battle Medley should provide musical delight to those battle lovers.
Soundtracks: I really need to ge some of these done. Help, anyone?
Tabs: RPGamer is in need of instrumental sheets. Guitar/Bass Guitar Tabs, Piano Sheets, ect. If your interested in helping make these, contact me.
Wanted List: Same old, same old.

            With the exception of one or two songs, I have got all of May, June, and July out of my inbox into this update. Rather large, ne? Good job to everyone who has their music up today. Hopefully, August should be done next update. I hope to see you all again soon with my busy schedule of High School, College, and RPGamer. Shade and sweet water to all.

Go play FF8! Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Monday, September 13th, 1999
Chrono Trigger
Battle 2 (Unreleased) by Zealboy
Battle With Magus by Martin Brentnall
Robo ~ (Remix) by Squall Strife
Schala by BrandX
Undersea Palace ~ (Remix) by Magus Trelane
World Revolution by Martin Brentnall
End Theme by Cyntalan Maelstrom
Dragon Quest 4
Digital Music
Necrosaro: Master of Evolution by Khalal
Gigyas Battle 1 by LousySpy
Trumpet Song by Jesse W Fisher
Final Fantasy 1
Digital Music
Fight by Ron Keating
Town Theme by Exenaught

Fanfare by Michael Ward
Final Fantasy 3
Digital Music
Eternal Wind ~ (Remix) by Altima and Dragoon-kun
Garden of Beauty by Ramuh
Final Fantasy 4
Digital Music
Long Way to Go by Xenon
Final Fantasy 6
Digital Music
Fanfare by Fred Schillinger
Mog by Exenaught

Awakening ~ (Enhanced) by Fred Schillinger
Battle Medley by Jason Negreiff
The Decisive Battle ~ (Piano Remix) by CronoKyle
Searching For Friends ~ (Remix) by Hideaki Tokunaga
Final Fantasy 7
Costa Del Sol ~ (Arranged) by Jason Negreiff
Final Fantasy 8
Compression of Time by Deuce
Theme of Grandia by Joshua Kaufman
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
Boss Theme by Sean Bradford
Original Sad Theme / Grindery Defeat by Pat Gann
Ajito Team Rocket Hideout Theme ~ (Enhanced) by Lynn
Inside Gym / Elite Four by Mai-Chan
Trainer Battle by Beto
Sakura Taisen
Do Your Best! by Joshua Kaufman
Advancing Army by Joshua Kaufman
Super Mario RPG
Slope by Joshua Kaufman
Wild ARMs
Intro by Tim Mader
Monastery by Joshua Kaufman
Ship of Regret and Sleep by Zealboy
The Sky, The Clouds, and You by Silver Dragoon
The Legend of Zelda
Digital Music
Overworld ~ (Remix) by Dragoon-kun
Legend of Zelda Reprise by Norg
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Digital Music
Boss Theme ~ (Remix) by William Bubel
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Digital Music
Credits by Ramuh
Music Mixes
Cid's Prelude by Salivator
Final Fantasy Battle Medley by Jason Negreiff

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