The Music Box - August 22nd, 1999

Eternas Tristeza

Musician of the Week
Noah Sproat, aka "Dermot"

The Stats: Sequencer, Tracker, and former Music host.
Description: Any true fan of RPGamer can't think to wonder about the previous music man before Mark Jordan. Dermot has tracked and sequenced tons of things on RPGamer, and like stated before, hosted the music collumn for about 6 months.
Soundtrack of the Week
Final Fantasy V: Original sound Version

X-MIDI-2 is over! Very well done!
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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas all. I sincerely apologize for the late update. Keep optimistic, more music on the way. I'm mad even more at myself for the late update because of the compo results. Good job on the compos! I am pleased with the results- kinda. I thought I may give a few tips for x-midi-3 so you all can do a better job. 1. Don't do out of season holiday themes (Sorry Cronokyle, had to use you has an example). He did a pretty good job with the song itself, but the fact that it's out of season counted off a lot of points. 2. Try to stay with the original feel of the song. Ever heard Star Ocean 2 Arranged? It has some pretty good arrangements of the songs yet keeps to the original feel. I remember judge Peach from X-MIDI-1 counted off on the Saria's Song remix because it didn't hold the original meaning.

            I'm growing tired of apologizing on every update so... Maybe I should do a better job, no? I have something to gripe about. What ever happened to digital modules (.it/.s3m/.xm/.mod/ect)? They used to be the revolutionary style of music where you could do many things that you couldn't with MIDI. Effects, true-to-the-original quality, and many other things were included with tracking. MIDI lacks a LOT of features. But as time passes on, tracking has slowly becoming less and less on the scene. Is it lack of inspiration? Lack of care? I'm not sure, but I wish there were more trackers out there. If I could track, I would make many remixes of songs and create some cool stuff.

Competitions: XMIDI2 pretty good. I wish it had more entries however. The scores weren't as good as XMIDI1 but that's ok.
Lyrics: One new one added from SquallStrife, Xenogear's "Small of Two Pieces"
Misc. Music: None today.
Music Mixes: Wonderful battle melody by Amstrocity. This is one of the examples of things I would love to see submitted more often.
Soundtracks: Some planned later in the day.
Tabs: Maybe if people actually made some..
Wanted List: Same old, same old.

            I wish I could have offered more for this delayed update. I'll try to work more and more as the day goes on. Ciao!

Yaay! FF8! Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Sunday August 22nd, 1999
Chrono Cross
Digital Music
Rest Theme by Mirai Trunks
Chrono Trigger
Digital Music
Manoria Cathedral by Erdrick
A Prayer to the Road that Leads by Erdrick
Overworld 1000 A.D. -Part B- ~ (2) by Erdrick
Compo results are in!
1st. Final Fantasy Adventure: "Rising Sun" by Sky
2nd. Xenogears: "Into the Sky" by Kaijin
3rd. Phantasy Star 3: "Opening Theme" by Jeremy Gilbert
Xenogears: "Small of Two Peices"
Music Mixes
Final Fantasy Battle Medley by Amstrocity

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