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Parasite Eve Remixes

With the success of X-MIDI-1, can X-MIDI-2 top it's predecessor's 22 entries? Simple format: Remix a song from the RPG list here on RPGamer.
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X-MIDI-2: August 15th
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Welcome to The Music Box!

*Musical Spoilers Lie Ahead. Be Warned.*             Heylas all! If your in the mood to hear some music to the upcoming Final Fantasy VIII, then this is the place to be. I have added 14 new songs to the massive RPGamer music archives. As an added bonus, Mirai Trunks released his remake of Light From the Netherworld. Check it out!

            What sort of Final Fantasy VIII songs do we have? From battles to fmv movie music, to themes. If you wish to stay away from music spoilers for Final Fantasy VIII, we still have the Xenogears song for you. As for the Final Fantasy VIII music, here's what we have. A Sacrifice is a very cool theme in the game. Actually, it's one of my personal favorites along with Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec and Succession of Witches. This is AustenL's last remake by the way, so be sure to listen to it! I wish AustenL luck in the future. Terence Lam brought us a battle theme and a suspence theme today. Premonition is yet another one of my personal favorites from Final Fantasy VIII. We have some cool MIDIs too by the way. Richard Green brings us Blue Fields, the overworld. Also I added many other cool songs from the game.

            School starts tomorrow, so I have worked out a plan for you, the RPGamers. I will be updating every Sunday and Wednesday to give you biweekly musical pleasure. On the other days, I will be doing news and new media. Time for the very lacking news!

Competitions: C8 and CMIDI1 results were posted last update. X-MIDI-2 is up next. With the success of X-MIDI-1, I expect X-MIDI-2 to surpass it. Here are the rules and what your graded on:
Make a remix of any song from any game on the RPGamer games list.
You are scored on both:

  • Appropriateness of Instruments. (25 point max)
  • Controllers (or lack thereof) and how they add to the song. (25 point max)
  • Using multiple midi devices will lose you 30 points.
  • Is the song in a new style? (That IS what a remix is) (25 point max)
  • Does it sound good, or could someone's kid sister do better? (12 point max)
  • Can you tell what song it is a remix of? (13 point max)
  • 40 points deducted if the entry is from a song other than a game on RPGamer's game list.

*Here's a tip all: On the last Xmidi compo, some people lost points for just enhancing the song. If you really want to try to win, then think of a good way to remix it!
Lyrics: None Today.
Misc. Music: None today.
Music Mixes: None today.
Soundtracks: None Today.
Tabs: None Today.
Wanted List: Boring no? Well make some songs!

            Summer was way too fast... I do have one personal story to tell. I've been wanting to reserve that 3D Final Fantasy VIII AD in gaming stores you see, and it's been very unsucessful. What's the point to this useless story? Just that I had to say "Damn you game store employees that get first dibs." It will be mine! Ok, that's about it. Be sure to e-mail me and tell me (HONESTLY) how you think I'm doing. I love to hear critisism.

Yaay! FF8! Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Sunday August 1st, 1999
Final Fantasy VIII
Digital Music
Only a Plank Between One and Perdition by Terence Lam
Premonition by Terence Lam
A Sacrifice by AustenL
Blue Fields by Richard E Green
The Extreme
Maybe I'm A Lion
Only A Plank Between One and Perdition
Ride On
A Sacrifice
Timber Owls
Where I Belong

Light from the Netherworld by MiraiTrunks
Compo results(They stay up about a week or two):
1st. The Galaxy by Ramuh
2nd. Visions of Horror by Melvyl
3rd. A Column of Blood by Erdrick
1st. Tomorrow Killer by Jeremy Gilbert
2nd. Jazmorph by Xellow
3rd. Forest Village by Ice

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