The Music Box - July 29th, 1999

The Worst Foes Lie Within

Musician of the Week
Brian Buckton

His webpage.

The Stats: Using Impulse Tracker
Tracking Record: 2-3 Years
Fav Song: "Children Remix"
Description: "I've been tracking for quite some time now and I have many unfinished tracks... But when I do finish them, they shine like gold."
Soundtrack of the Week
Symphony of the Night

With the success of X-MIDI-1, can X-MIDI-2 top it's predecessor's 22 entries? Simple format: Remix a song from the RPG list here on RPGamer.
Due Date::
X-MIDI-2: August 15th
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Super Alpha Gold Ed. Update w/C.Cross (July 26th)
Enchanted Banquet (July 14th)
The Price is Right (July 8th)
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  • 1. Final Fantasy 8
  • 2. Final Fantasy 2
  • 3. Lunar Series
  • 4. Soul Blazer Series
  • 5. Parasite Eve
Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas all! Not as spectacular as the last update, but it is nice to see an update, no? At least I was able to bring you all four news updates and two new media updates yesterday.

            Today's update is Parasite Eve and Persona themed. 5 new Persona MIDIs added to the vast RPGamer music archive. This opens up the new Persona MIDI area on RPGamer. Speaking of new areas, Parasite Eve got it's own Digital Music section today. TheDuplo has made some great songs. Plosive Attack(the boss theme) and Sotto Voice are two great songs. Thanks! In other Parasite Eve news, I added 4 new MIDIs including: Plosive Attack, Out of Phase, Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vincino(Eve's Aria), and Matrix. Check them out!

            Not near as much to talk about as there was last update. We'll have another music update soon, so don't worry. Time for the news!

Competitions: C8 and CMIDI1 results were posted last update. X-MIDI-2 is up next. With the success of X-MIDI-1, I expect X-MIDI-2 to surpass it. Here are the rules and what your graded on:
Make a remix of any song from any game on the RPGamer games list.
You are scored on both:

  • Appropriateness of Instruments. (25 point max)
  • Controllers (or lack thereof) and how they add to the song. (25 point max)
  • Using multiple midi devices will lose you 30 points.
  • Is the song in a new style? (That IS what a remix is) (25 point max)
  • Does it sound good, or could someone's kid sister do better? (12 point max)
  • Can you tell what song it is a remix of? (13 point max)
  • 40 points deducted if the entry is from a song other than a game on RPGamer's game list.

*Here's a tip all: On the last Xmidi compo, some people lost points for just enhancing the song. If you really want to try to win, then think of a good way to remix it!
Lyrics: None Today.
Misc. Music: None today.
Music Mixes: None today.
Soundtracks: None Today.
Tabs: None Today.
Wanted List: Boring no? Well make some songs!

            >_< Only four more days 'till school starts for me... Sigh... The summer went by so fast... Oh well, I'll still be here. Ciao all!

When will I be replaced...? Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Thursday, July 29th, 1999
Parasite Eve
Digital Music
Plosive Attack by TheDuplo
Sotto Voice by TheDuplo

Matrix by Ichiban
Out of Phase by Ichiban
Plosive Attack by Ichiban
Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vinicino by Ichiban

Deva Yuga
Level Up
Title Theme
Compo results(They stay up about a week or two):
1st. The Galaxy by Ramuh
2nd. Visions of Horror by Melvyl
3rd. A Column of Blood by Erdrick
1st. Tomorrow Killer by Jeremy Gilbert
2nd. Jazmorph by Xellow
3rd. Forest Village by Ice

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