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Alpha Gold Tournament Edition Update w/C.Cross!
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Brian Buckton

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The Stats: Using Impulse Tracker
Tracking Record: 2-3 Years
Fav Song: "Children Remix"
Description: "I've been tracking for quite some time now and I have many unfinished tracks... But when I do finish them, they shine like gold."
Soundtrack of the Week
Symphony of the Night

With the success of X-MIDI-1, can X-MIDI-2 top it's predecessor's 22 entries? Simple format: Remix a song from the RPG list here on RPGamer.
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X-MIDI-2: August 15th
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Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas all! Well this is the biggest update I have ever done (waits for applause and gets none.) ...Ok. Anyways, I got my four impacted wisdom teeth taken out on Monday the 19th, so that knocked me out for a week. I like to think I'm invincible sometimes and well... Judging by the lack of updating... I obviously am not. But anyway, I am back and due to the late update, I bring you a big update.

            Originally this update was planned to be a Seiken Densetsu themed update, but due to the wisdom teeth lag, c8 + cmidi1, and chrono cross, this just became my first mega-update. 56 songs in all from Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu, Suikoden 2, C8, and CMIDI1. Let's talk about the songs shall we? The game Chrono Cross was just announced within the month, and we already have master trackers ramuh and Mirai Trunks doing some music for it. We have the Overworld (Which is a very nice blend of the old Chrono Trigger overworld with Xenogears style), the Forest(Pretty cool if you ask me, but then again, my opinion never counts), and the battle theme. The battle theme is in a different style from ye old Chrono Trigger days, but it's still just as good. Suprisingly, a MIDI of the overworld was sent in recently and I thought Will did a pretty good job on it. Give these sequencers and trackers a hand!

            Like I stated earliar, this was planned to be a Seiken Densetsu update. Det, master tracker extrodinare and The Music Box's current Musician of the Week, sent in some great Secret of Mana songs. Ceremony, which is better known as Thanatos' Theme, brings back memories of Secret of Mana's dark side. I used to like that song a lot so this was a pleasent suprise for me. Tanisca as we all remember was yet another cool song that det submitted, as was The Hidden Continent. To top this off, we added The Curse, also known as the battle vs. Dark Lich. Pretty cool, ne? DarkCecil sent in an excellent .it from Seiken Densetsu 3 called "Sacrifice Part 3". This is the last battle part 3 of Seiken Densetsu 3 and is rather enjoyable. Give it a good listen or two! Let's not forget about the wonderful midi by A. Gordon! Very well done guys. Finally we have 10 Suikoden 2 midis added today. If you made these midis, please contact me! Time for the news!

Competitions: I am VERY pleased with the turnouts of C8 and CMIDI1. Good job to all who eneted! Ramuh did an excellent job with The Galaxy. Tomorrow Killer is a rather extrodinary midi, so kudos to you Jeremy! Well well well, what's this? X-MIDI-2 is coming up! This means I expect more than 22 entries! Here are the rules and what your graded on:
Make a remix of any song from any game on the RPGamer games list.
You are scored on both:

  • Appropriateness of Instruments. (25 point max)
  • Controllers (or lack thereof) and how they add to the song. (25 point max)
  • Using multiple midi devices will lose you 30 points.
  • Is the song in a new style? (That IS what a remix is) (25 point max)
  • Does it sound good, or could someone's kid sister do better? (12 point max)
  • Can you tell what song it is a remix of? (13 point max)
  • 40 points deducted if the entry is from a song other than a game on RPGamer's game list.

*Here's a tip all: On the last Xmidi compo, some people lost points for just enhancing the song. If you really want to try to win, then think of a good way to remix it!
Lyrics: 8 lyrics added. 6 from Final Fantasy Pray, 1 from Parasite Eve Remixes, and 1 from Final Fantasy 6. We all remember Aria De Mezzo Caraterre ^_-
Misc. Music: None today.
Music Mixes: None today.
Soundtracks: Parasite Eve OSV, Parasite Eve Remixes, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night added w/screen shots.
Tabs: Updated the guitar tab "Dear Friends".
Wanted List: Blah blah blah make some songs blah blah blah.

            Well I'm glad everyone enjoyed this mega 56-song update. Next time I'll try to have another mega-update... ...Without having to wait a week... ;) Have a good day all!

When will I be replaced...? Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Monday, July 26th, 1999
Chrono Cross
Digital Music
Forest Theme by Mirai Trunks
Overworld by Ramuh and Mirai Trunks

Overworld by Will Sirota

Secret of Mana
Digital Music
Ceremony by det
The Curse by de
The Hidden Continent by det
Tanisca by det
Seiken Densetsu 3
Digital Music
Sacrifice Part 3 by DarkCecil
Where Angels Fear to Tread by ZealBoy
Suikoden 2
Beautiful Morning
Dive Corner
Hidden City
Ryube Village
Sad Song
Compo results are in!
1st. The Galaxy by Ramuh
2nd. Visions of Horror by Melvyl
3rd. A Column of Blood by Erdrick
1st. Tomorrow Killer by Jeremy Gilbert
2nd. Jazmorph by Xellow
3rd. Forest Village by Ice
Guitar Tabs
Dear Friends (Updated) - Final Fantasy 5

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Original Sound Version
Parasite Eve: Original Sound Version
Parasite Eve Remixes

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