The Music Box - July 14th, 1999

Enchanted Banquet
Musician of the Week
Kyle F. Fischer

SStrax Maintainer.

The Stats: Using Impulse Tracker
Tracked from 1997,
Fav Song: Night of the Shadow's
(By Khalal and NintendoGuru)

Soundtrack of the Week
Seiken Densetsu 2: Original Sound Version

C8 + CMidi1
Wow! X-MIDI-1 went GREAT! Now for all you trackers out there, get ready for C8 + CMidi1. The rules of C are as of the following: Create an original peice. That's right! Be creative and make your own song! Send it in by the due date!
Due Date::
C8: July 16th
CMid1: July 20th
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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy 8
  • 2. Suikoden
  • 3. Lunar Series
  • 4. Soul Blazer Series
  • 5. Parasite Eve
Come on down! Your the next viewer on the Music Box!

            Heylas all. The CMID1 entries are getting pretty close to beating the amount of entries in X-MIDI-1! Keep up the good work everyone. I am dissapointed in the lack of entries for C8. C'mon people... send in some digital music!

            Work work work work work. When I'm not doing an update, I'm fixing up the site to look it's best. I ordered some cds which I hope will be in very soon. (Non-SM of course).

            A lot of you have also been asking about Project Majestic Mix. Well because of how special we at RPGamer think about Project Majest Mix, I am working on a page for PMM to go under Misc Music. Stay tuned later today for it. I will try to keep current news on the project as it goes along. Let's all hope that the beautiful cd will come out the sooner the better... This was basically what I said last update. I was going to add it that day but oh well.

Competitions: C8 and CMIDI1 soon. Keep up the good work on the midi entries. Send in entries for C8! Please! With sugar on top. Here are the rules for CMIDI1 and C8:

  • The judging will be separated into 2 sections. First section is worth 75% of the overall score. This section scores ONLY the musicality of the song. Did it sound good? Is it impressive? etc. The second section is worth the other 25% which is the Technical Aspects of the song. Did you use too many effects? Not enough effects? Bad samples*? Unused Samples*? etc.
  • Judges will be hand selected to insure that we get the best to play this important role.
  • All scores will be averaged together to come up with the overall score. HOWEVER, the highest and lowest score given will be dropped from this average to help ensure accuracy.
  • All judges will be required to give a good description of why he or she docked points from a song. This will help entrants to see why they received the score they did.

*: C8 only
Lyrics: None today.
Misc. Music: PMM will be added today... 3 FF soundfonts were added. Don't know what a soundfont is? Well it's for awe32 and sblive users to make midis sound even better. The FF5/6/7 midis were designed for this specific games, so if you have a SB Live!, get the sound font and some midis!
Music Mixes: None today...
Soundtracks: 10 cds added today. All under misc. Maybe more if I get bored ;)
Tabs: None... Send in some more!
Wanted List: Musicians out there! Make some Suikoden!

            Semi-Rushed update. I'm very very very tired today. I redid the RPGamer FAQ and such. What all is up my sleeve? We shall see. Ciao!

When will I be replaced...? Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Wednesday, July 14th, 1999
Chrono Trigger
Digital Music
Tyrano Cave by DarkCecil
Dragon Force
Digital Music
Castle Theme by MusicKnight
Final Fantasy
Digital Music
Battle Theme by MusicKnight
Cornelia Castle ~ (Remix) by Turbo Gohan
Final Fantasy 4
Digital Music
Overworld by MusicKnight
Final Fantasy 5
Digital Music
Fanfare 1 and Fanfare 2 by Yakra
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Digital Music
The Decisive Battle by MusicKnight
Zophar's Domain by MusicKnight
Phantasy Star 4
Digital Music
Dark Force Theme by MusicKnight
Secret of Evermore
River Theme by Lynn
Secret of Mana
Digital Music
Underwater Continent ~ (CRC-2 Entry) by Fred Schillinger
Bart's Hideout
Blue Traveler
Death Dance
June Mermaid
Legendary Dance
Small of Two Pieces
Torn Apart
We, the wounded, shall advance toward the light.
Zelda II: Link's Awakening
House Theme ~ (Enhanced) by Lynn

Misc. Music
Soundfont - Final Fantasy 5
Soundfont - Final Fantasy 6
Soundfont - Final Fantasy 7

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