The Music Box - July 8th, 1999

The Price is Right!
Musician of the Week
Eric E. Hache

His page...

The Stats: Using Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro 17MB Emu-Based Soundfont Bank.
Been sequencing since 1989
Tracked from 1992 to 1994
Playing Guitar and Bass since 1983
Fav Song: Goddess of Hearts
(1997 Eric E. Hache)

Soundtrack of the Week
Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time: OSV

C8 + CMidi1
Wow! X-MIDI-1 went GREAT! Now for all you trackers out there, get ready for C8 + CMidi1. The rules of C are as of the following: Create an original peice. That's right! Be creative and make your own song! Send it in by the due date!
Due Date::
C8: July 16th
CMid1: July 20th
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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy 8
  • 2. Xenogears
  • 3. Lunar Series
  • 4. Zelda Series
  • 5. Parasite Eve
Come on down! Your the next viewer on the Music Box!

            Heylas all. I am astonished by the quality and quanity of entries for the X-MIDI-1 compo. This was the very first MIDI compo ever on RPGamer, and it made history breaking entries. 21 entries were in X-MIDI-1. Due to the success of X-MIDI-1, more MIDI compos are currently in the works. Congrats to all who entered! It's not just about who won, it's about having fun and making some cool songs!

            Ok, news... C'mon people! Come to on IRC! #RPGamer + #RPGmusic. Don't have IRC? Go to to get it. We'll have a full IRC page soon. This update was mainly devoted to the X-MIDI-1 compo until I got some news! The musicians of Septerra Core have donated a peice of music from the game to RPGamer. You can find it below or on the side bar under Misc. Music. A VERY special thanks to Marty O'Donnell and all of TotalAudio for this.

            A lot of you have also been asking about Project Majestic Mix. Well because of how special we at RPGamer think about Project Majest Mix, I am working on a page for PMM to go under Misc Music. Stay tuned later today for it. I will try to keep current news on the project as it goes along. Let's all hope that the beautiful cd will come out the sooner the better..

Competitions: WOW! I am VERY pleased with the turnouts. Everyone who entered, give yourself a pat on the back. Yes Amber, don't feel too bad. Good job Ice on your wonderful Zelda midi. Kaijin as always, doing a good job. Thanks all for entering. Now, let's see if C8 can have the same success here. Well while I was writing this page, our friend at RPGstuff, Amber, suggested to me to do C8 and Cmid1 at the same time. Good idea, ne? Well as of now: There are two compos. One for digital tracking, and the other for sequencing. (ITs and Midis). Well... The rules are the same for both. Make an original song and turn it in. Well my drawing isn't looking that good. Ice hope you can bear it ;). I'll have a scan of it ASAP.
Lyrics: None today.
Misc. Music: PMM will be added today, however, a Septerra Core MP3 demo was added..
Music Mixes: None
Soundtracks: None. But I will tell you what's coming up. Famous cds like XG and CT will be making their ways to the RPGamer soundtrack safe so keeep checking in! (Bi-Daily updates)
Tabs: None
Wanted List: Some people submitted some good stuff, I'll be posting it next time.

            Well at least *this* time I wasn't rushed any. Come visit me and the other staff on #RPGamer and #RPGmusic, Lots of thanks today! Every single person who entered X-MIDI-1. Powerlord and Peach over at and BrianXavier at SStrax for helping judge in the compos. Thanks you guys. Amber, thanks for being cool and stuff giving me ideas. JD: Thanks for the compliment.

'Ideas to stay awake for 7 hours... heh...' Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Thursday, July 8th, 1999
The results are in!!!
1st. The Legend of Zelda: Introduction Carribean Remix by Ice
2nd. Xenogears: Emotion by Kaijin

Misc. Music
Septerra Core Demo

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