The Music Box - July 4th, 1999

Musician of the Week
Eric E. Hache

His page...

The Stats: Using Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro 17MB Emu-Based Soundfont Bank.
Been sequencing since 1989
Tracked from 1992 to 1994
Playing Guitar and Bass since 1983
Fav Song: Goddess of Hearts
(1997 Eric E. Hache)

Soundtrack of the Week
Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time: OSV

This is the first competition in MIDI form ever for RPGamer. It's the same rules as the X digital music competitions: Remake a song from the games list here on RPGamer and send it in! Entries must be sent to me! Look in the rant section next to the sidebar for details!
Due Date::
July 7th
Guitar Tabs
Misc. Music
The Music Box's FAQ
Music Mixes
Players + Trackers
Soundtrack Info
Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy 8
  • 2. Xenogears
  • 3. Lunar Series
  • 4. Zelda Series
  • 5. Parasite Eve

Greetings from the Music Box!

            Heylas all. I first and foremost want to apologize for the very short update last time. I hope I won't be killed or anything for it. *Chuckle*, moving on... Well I got back from Austin (I was staying with my sister who goes to UT), I had a lot of time to plan things out so expect some site enhancements. Finally getting some real work done around here today!

            Ok, news... I opened up The Music Box's IRC channel for all your sequencing/tracking needs: #RPGmusic on Don't have IRC? Go to to get it. We'll have a full IRC page soon. What else do I have up my sleeve today? The sidebar takes you to about everything music wise on the site. Lyrics, Tabs, the FAQ, Mixes, Compos, Soundtracks, ect... What's coming up you say? Well I want to finish organizing the site and restoring credit to trackers + sequencers. If you have a song on the page you made midi wise, e-mail me and tell me it.

            Last update, I added the Music Box's FAQ. Take a look at it before you ask me any question via e-mail. It may just be up there. Time for the news! I added a Misc. Music section... It has details about what it is in the page. Take a look via the sidebar.

Competitions: Ok ,a lot of info on this one. A lot of you requested that a MIDI compo be made. Well here you have it: X-MIDI-1. The rules are stated as: "Remix a song from a game on the games list here on". is helping The Music Box out with judging and entries. So far we have 10 entries, c'mon people! Only 3 days left. Hand drawn pic by me for a prize. (Pathetic, ne?) Here's what we look for:

    I. Technical (50 points)
  • Appropriateness of Instruments. (25 point max)
  • Controllers (or lack thereof) and how they add to the song. (25 point max)
  • Using multiple midi devices will lose you 30 points.
    II. Musical
  • Is the song in a new style? (That IS what a remix is)(25 point max)
  • Does it sound good, or could someone's kid sister do better? (12 point max)
  • Can you tell what song it is a remix of? (13 point max)
  • 40 points deducted if the entry is from a song other than a game on RPGamer's game list.
-=Entries must be turned in by July 7th!=-

Lyrics: None today.
Misc. Music: *New Section* I'll add all of Project Majestic Mix's info to this new section on the next update. This update will put misc. music that are special music that can't go anywhere else. I added a beautiful, wonderful music disk called "Conception" brought to you by the great trackers on our site.
Music Mixes: Cool prelude mix added today. Take a listen!
Soundtracks: 4 Zelda soundtracks added, 4 Seiken Densetsu soundtracks, and more coming soon!
Tabs: Final Fantasy 7's Oppressed People
Wanted List: New list up. I got some big zips of music the other day to cover all of the previous lists.

            Well at least *this* time I wasn't rushed any. Come visit me and the other staff on #RPGamer and #RPGmusic, Lots of thanks today! Autonomous for the Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time OSV info, Ayanami Rei for the Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV info, Nathan Paul Simons for the Linux trackers info, Michael Ward for the CV:SotN songs, and you the viewer who comes to see my music page every day. Ciao!

'Ideas to stay awake for 7 hours... heh...' Mark Jordan, Impressario of's The Music Box.

Music for Sunday, July 4th, 1999
Breath of Fire I
Digital Music
Battle Theme (Updated) by MickeyV
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Blood Relations
Marble Gallery
Marble Gallery ~ (2)
Nocturne in the Moonlight
Nocturne in the Moonlight ~ (2)
Requiem for the Gods
Wandering Ghosts
Wandering Ghosts ~ (2)
Final Fantasy 4
Digital Music
Rydia ~ (Piano) by Jerobe88
Final Fantasy 5
Searching for Light
Final Fantasy 6
Terra ~ (1) by Richard E Green
???? by Richard E Green
Final Fantasy 7
Digital Music
Those Chosen by the Planet by Stephen Rhodes
Mix ~ (Battles) by Bto Branger
On the Other Side of the Mountain by CloudSJC
Final Fantasy 8
Don't Be Afraid by by Bto Branger
Guitar Tabs
FF7 - Oppressed People

Misc. Music

Music Mixes
Melancholy Prelude by Ranma10

SD ~ Sound Collections
Zelda ~ TOoT OSV (us)
Zelda ~ TOoT OSV (j)
Zelda ~ TOoT Hyrule Symphony
Zelda ~ Sounds and Drama

All music in Zip of 7-4-99
All music in Zip of 6-9-99
All music in Zip of 6-7-99
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