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FFV! Down Syldra!
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The Stats: Sequencing for a year and a half, uses Meditor .
Fav Song: "Field Motavia" ~ Phantasy Star IV

RuneWalsh has contributed to over the years and has become one of the more well known midi sequencers on the site.
Soundtrack of the Week
Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version


X5 was pretty good, but I want to see more competitors on CRC-2. This one is fairly easy. Take a snes/n64 song, and downsize it in nes instruments (and make it sound good, of course! ;P). Competetions are for digital music only. (IT/S3M/XM). Good luck!
Compo Date::
June 26th
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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Crystalis
  • 2. Xenogears)
  • 3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • 4. Zelda Series
  • 5. Remixes, Enhancements, ANYTHING other than OSV

Greetings from the Music Box!

            Heylas. If you haven't heard about Project Majestic Mix(An upcoming Squaresoft music remix cd), then you need to read about it. Want a demo? Here is the demo from the cd, called "Anxious Angel". The cd features 14 tracks, 70+ minutes, and hidden tracks. There are techno, rock, and classical remixes of your fav songs including:
FF7- Anxious Heart
FF4- Within the Giant
FF6- Forever Rachel vocal version
FF6- Terra
FF7- Jenova
FF6- Ending (the 'whole' thing)
FF1- Matoyas Cave
FF3- Elia Maiden of water
FF3- Eternal Wind
FF5- Battle with Gilgamesh
FF4- Battle with Zeromus
FF2- ...(not determined yet)
FF5- Dragon Spread it's Wings
FF1-7 Prelude
Chrono Trigger- Schala
(note: this list may change 'slightly' before final production procedures and does not include 'secret' tracks)
            The project needs help however. Here is his site: PMM's Official Website. Will it come out? Of course! However, It needs donations. If you send in donations of 20 dollars or more, you get the gold version of the CD which includes tons of goodies. Such as: 20-30 minutes of music that isn't on the normal version, collectable cards and get your name in the CD booklet. There will be 1000 copies of the limited edition gold CD. I'm donating 50 dollars currently and more as I get some more money. This is a great CD, so everyone should pitch in. Even 1 dollar would help. Is that too much to ask? :)
            I'm sure you have questions such as the legality of this CD. Does Square or Nobou Uematsu know about this? Yes. Nobou himself listened to the CD and gave it approval. On a tangent, a deal may go through that Nobou gets to sign the copies of the gold CDs. What if the CDs somehow never get off the ground and the project is canceled? Will I get my money back? If there is some unforseen reason that the project is canceled, you will get your money back. Does my donation go towards buying the CD as well? No. Thats why it's called a donation. Donated out of the goodness of your heart I'll have more news about the CD with cover pics, track listing, and more tommorrow. Or you can just go to the site and look for yourself :P
            Yahoo! The ff6 midi page is organized. 2 hours of work! Due to the previous music workers, that page ended up the most messy on the site. It isn't anymore ;) All FF5 songs!
            As I said in the last updates, I need everyone who's MIDIs are posted on RPGamer to e-mail me which of their songs are posted, so that I may put proper credit. Digital Music as well is needed, but if your digital music song has your credit in the song, there is no need.
            In my last three updates, I also said how I was reorganizing all the sections on RPGamer. For music, It has been much appreciated that people send me broken links, ect ect. For the next month, however, I would appreciate that no Final Fantasy, Seiken Denesetu, or Saga series mislinks be sent. I am in the process of reorganizing those now so it isn't nessicary.

Competitions: X5 was great, everyone go check out the entries! The link is at the bottom, or take the side bar collumn. CRC-2 is up next, I hope to see lots of entries! ***You need these samples to do the song: Here. A lot of you have been asking why competitions don't allow midis. Well, it has to do with the grading. I'm not too sure about it all myself, I don't hold the competitions except that aweful failed GIC ones. I may start an RPGamer-exclusive competition that allows midis. Any ideas on how to grade them?
Lyrics: None today...
Soundtracks: Soon... Soon.... :)
Tabs: None today either... .
Wanted List: I decided to just go for games instead of specific songs. Thats how most of the requests come, anyways.

           Well, as far as submitting goes, I want to see more remixes/enhancements. Don't take this as "Don't send the osv's!". Just I'd like to see more of the latter. As always, no conversions/mp3s/recordings allowed... I'd like everyone to put the filename of the song they are sending in their e-mail, it helps me out a lot. Also I would appreciate in the e-mail itself you put the following information:
Song name:
File name:
Your name that you want on the page:
Your e-mail:
When you sent it:
This will help me out bunches, thanks.

            As you can tell, I rushed through this update. Apologies! I'll have a better one later tomorrow!

Fwa ha ha! Fear! Mark Jordan

Music for Friday, June 18, 1999
Final Fantasy V
Digital Music
The Final Battle (Piano) by AustenL
Gilgamesh Battle! by AustenL
Hurry! Hurry! by M_Walker
Reminscence by Bryann
All music in Zip of 6-9-99
All music in Zip of 6-7-99

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