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Erdrick has been tracking for about 3-4 years now, starting with mostly FF music and a gaggle of unfinished originals, and then moving onto other games. A huge fan of the DQ series, (Hence the name), he's also tracked and submitted most of the songs on the RPGamer DQ mod archives. Now he's moved to doing mostly originals but is still dabbling in video game music. Check out his latest, the Tyrano Cave Remix.
Soundtrack of the Week

Final Fantasy: Mix

Final Fantasy: Mix


This is coming up soon folks, so hurry. Remember! Competetions are for digital music only. (IT/S3M/XM). For X5, you must take a song from a game in the RPGamer game list and remix it. Good luck!
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May 29th

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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy V: The Decisive Battle (Digital)
  • 2. Xenogears: Knights of Fire (Digital)
  • 3. Music Mixes: Anything
  • 4. Castlevania (SoTN): Crystal Teardrops (Digital)
  • 5. Remixes, Enhancements, ANYTHING other than OSV
Greetings from the Music Box!

            I would like to first off thank everyone who have helped me reorganize my thoughts on every thing I've done for this page. Sounds silly, no? What I mean is... Every time I have needed help in any way, shape, or form, you RPGamers have been there for me. No, this isn't a "I'm leaving speech". It's more a... "Thanks for being there for me, and I will be there for you all" speech. Ok, now let me go on to the news... Many of you have e-mailed in about the 'purge' of the web-dwelling [copies] of digital music files. I may not have been clear enough on the last update. The purge is not for MIDIs. I am aware that on different soundfonts/soundcards, MIDIs will sound different. Therefore, I will not be erasing them.
            On one quick note about MIDIs, I need everyone who's MIDIs are posted on RPGamer to e-mail me which of their songs are posted, so that I may put proper credit. Digital Music as well is needed, but if your digital music song has your credit in the song, there is no need.
            ANYWAYS... Back to the purge. In addition to other 'awareness' e-mails you all have sent me, the most was 'the best sounding is a matter of opinion'. I apologize for this statement, it was poorly worded. (As you all can see, I am not the best in grammar). What I ment to say, is for OSV sounding(As in original sound version as in what it sounds EXACTLY in the game. Not remixes/enhancements or any dirivitive there of, but OSV.), The one that is most true to the song. Good example of this is Erdrick's Grand Finale? from Final Fantasy VI. It is most likely 99% acurate to the song. I realize it is still a matter of opinion on various ones. My Magus-1/2/3 statement as in, let's say Magus-1 sounds like the original song, aka Warlock Battle. Yet, certain instruments are out of alignment or notes are off. Magus-2 has speed problems and note problems. Whereas, Magus-3 has the most acurate instruments, speed, notes, ect. I'm going to analize this with a few others (I woulden't do this on my own. o_O, too hard to judge EVERY song). Well... I hope you all get the idea. Any other questions/comments, please send.
            Aside from the purge problems... In my last update, I also said how I was reorganizing all the sections on RPGamer. For music, It has been much appreciated that people send me broken links, ect ect. For the next month, however, I would appreciate that no Final Fantasy, Seiken Denesetu, or Saga series mislinks be sent. I am in the process of reorganizing those now so it isn't nessicary. Well that's all for now... ...and in The Music Box world, here is the current news:

-Competitions: For X5, I think I'm going to give a painting out for a prize. I'm not sure yet ;). Perhaps a FF poster, ne? Remember, competitions are where you can enter your songs and see if you can get first place. I will be posting every single entry due to it being an all rpg-music competition.

-Soundtracks: I've been getting lazy with these. A few FFs need to be finished, dq and sd series as well. Well you'll get them soon enough. -Wanted List: I've been getting a lot of good stuff, but if your wondering how this works, I'll tell you. The most requested songs are put first (of course). But afterwards, the single requested ones go up as well, and alternate each day. I took down a lot of requests because people are working on them now

            To play the .it/.xm/.s3m music files, you must have a player. Go to the Music Players and Trackers section on the side bar to see. Linux and Macintosh will be up within the week(I said this the last 2 updates, didn't I?), as well as updated Windows ones. (I see ones that have been for 3 years :P). Everyone who has sent submissions, thank you. If you think your song is bad, don't worry. I will e-mail you if your song is bad. If you don't get an e-mail from me, then it's good. I will not accept SPC conversions! If you send me any, you will be blocked from the e-mail. I'm trying to clean out everything old from my mailbox soon so it will take me a while to post your submissions. Do not send me e-mails with html tags in it please.

            Suggestions/comments/put downs always welcome =).Thanks go out to the following people and places: Ayanami Rei for the Soundtrack info. Faris for the intresting picture from which is partially by my name. Lorelai for being cool n stuff. Also thanks to the people who contributed to today's update. (Please do more ;) Without so, I'm out of a job =P)

Mark Jordan

Music for Tuesday, May 25, 1999
Kline's Dream by Freddie
Meia's Dream by Freddie
Final Fantasy I
Digital Music
Ahead On Our Way by Heitor Chang
Final Fantasy 5
Digital Music
Musica Machina by Morbid Walker
Dawn Castle by Morbid Walker and AustenL
Lunar: The Silver Star
Digital Music
Intro Credit Theme by Zathras
Rudra no Hihou
Digital Music
Take the Gold and Run by Yakra
Music Mixes
Prelude Mix by LemonLime
Today's Update
All music in Zip of 5-25-99

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