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Musician of the Week

Erdrick has been tracking for about 3-4 years now, starting with mostly FF music and a gaggle of unfinished originals, and then moving onto other games. A huge fan of the DQ series, (Hence the name), he's also tracked and submitted most of the songs on the RPGamer DQ mod archives. Now he's moved to doing mostly originals but is still dabbling in video game music. Check out his latest, the Tyrano Cave Remix.
Soundtrack of the Week

Final Fantasy: Mix

Final Fantasy: Mix


This is coming up soon folks, so hurry. Remember! Competetions are for digital music only. (IT/S3M/XM). For X5, you must take a song from a game in the RPGamer game list and remix it. Good luck!
E-Mail all entries to Mark Jordan
Compo Date::
May 29th

Music Players + Trackers
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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy V: The Decisive Battle (Digital)
  • 2. Xenogears: Knights of Fire (Digital)
  • 3. Music Mixes: Anything
  • 4. Castlevania (SoTN): Crystal Teardrops (Digital)
  • 5. Remixes, Enhancements, ANYTHING other than OSV
Welcome to the Musical Ranting Center!

            Ah... Heyas all. I want to see some more remixes, enhancements, whatever. I'm starting to purge the music files. If there is more than one of the osvs(original sound versions), I'm going to delete them. IE: Magus-1 Magus-2 Magus-3. The best Magus stays, there goes the rest. More than one enhancement/remix is allowed of course :). Exams are over! Wahooo =D. Expect a lot of work done on not only the music page, but RPGamer in general. Check out the DQ1-6 area and FF1's area. I fully reorganized them. I'm starting to find out who made what and put it on that page. As you can see on the DQ pages. MIDI's I need help on. I need every person who made a midi and isn't given credit for it to mail me and tell me which songs you made and all that stuff. Expect a lot of goodies coming up!!!! ...and in The Music Box world, here is the current news:

-Competitions: For X5, I think I'm going to give a painting out for a prize. I'm not sure yet ;). Perhaps a FF poster, ne? Remember, competitions are where you can enter your songs and see if you can get first place. I will be posting every single entry due to it being an all rpg-music competition.

-Soundtracks: I've been getting lazy with these. A few FFs need to be finished, dq and sd series as well. Well you'll get them soon enough. -Wanted List: I've been getting a lot of good stuff, but if your wondering how this works, I'll tell you. The most requested songs are put first (of course). But afterwards, the single requested ones go up as well, and alternate each day. I took down a lot of requests because people are working on them now :D. Succession of Witches, Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec, and Lunatic Pandora from Final Fantasy VIII are in the works. Lots more coming soon.

            To play the .it/.xm/.s3m music files, you must have a player. Go to the Music Players and Trackers section on the side bar to see. Linux and Macintosh will be up within the week(I said this last update, didn't I?), as well as updated Windows ones. (I see ones that have been for 3 years :P). Thank you all for your submissions, and I hope to see everyone submit stuff. I will not accept SPC conversions, and if you send me any, you will be blocked from the e-mail. I'm trying to clean out everything old from my mailbox soon so it will take me a while to post your submissions. Do not send me e-mails with html tags in it please.

            Suggestions/comments/put downs always welcome =).Thanks go out to the following people and places: Ayanami Rei for the Soundtrack info. Faris for the intresting picture from which is partially by my name. Also thanks to the people who contributed to today's update. (Please do more ;) Without so, I'm out of a job =P)

Mark Jordan

Music for Sunday, May 23, 1999
Breath of Fire 2
Decadence of God by Chief Ug
Chrono Trigger
Digital Music
Forbidden Land by Erdrick
Digital Music
Chaos Theatre by NintendoGuru
Final Fantasy
Digital Music
Battle Theme (Remix) by NintendoGuru
Final Fantasy IV
Digital Music
Rydia's Theme (Piano) by Ivan Wong
Final Fantasy VIII
Find Your Way by Ichiban
Slide Show Prt 2 by Ichiban
Final Fantasy Adventure
Rising Sun by Worhatch
Final Fantasy Legend II
Digital Music
Valhalla Palace (Enhancement) by DjLizard
Suikoden II
Dandy Richmond by Ichiban
Two Rivers by Ichiban
Suspicion by Ichiban
Parasite Eve
Phase of Aya by Ayanami Rei
Saga Fronteir
Digital Music
Data Screen Music by Zen
Saga Fronteir
Region Map by Ragnarosen
Secret of Evermore
Castle Theme by Ragnarosen
Main Theme by Ragnarosen
Secret of Mana
Wish by Lynn
Digital Music
Death Dance by Zack1712
Music Mixes
Dj Chocobo Mix by DjLizard Miscellanious
Today's Update
All music in Zip of 5-23-99

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