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Green Fields Ablaze
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Final Fantasy VIII: Original Sound Version

Final Fantasy 8: OSV


This one sucked, I hate it. :P Damn procrastinating vile people. I best not ever see this happen again. I give everyon a month or so for GIC-1, and then everyone procrastinated and waited for the last second. I had 21 unfinished entries, with 5 entries fully completed. I might post them later if I want..
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Next compo:
X5 - May 29th - Remix any video game song.

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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy V: The Decisive Battle (Digital)
  • 2. Xenogears: Knights of Fire (Digital)
  • 3. Music Mixes: Anything
  • 4. Castlevania (SoTN): Crystal Teardrops (Digital)
  • 5. Crystalis: Shyron Fort Theme (Any)
Welcome all!

Come to #RPGamer on! Come see your favorite RPGamer staff(Me) in there. My god this is a long time for me to not update. I know I am starting to get more busy and all, but hey! School's out in 2 weeks! Then I can update every day ;) Here's the current news:

-Competitions: I don't even want to get into how much GIC-1 failed and made me mad. Next Competition is X5. I'll have full rules on that tomorrow or so. Remember, Competitions are where you can track a song(Digital Music only) and enter it to see if you can win or not. Sometimes prizes are given ;)

-Soundtracks: Final Fantasy VII and VIII OSVs have been posted. I'll be working on MQ and Tactics (yaay no more ffs for a while), then I can get to SD and DQ. -Wanted List: I've been getting a lot of good stuff, but if your wondering how this works, I'll tell you. The most requested songs are put first (of course). But afterwards, the single requested ones go up as well, and alternate each day. I took down a lot of requests because people are working on them now :D. Succession of Witches, Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec, and Lunatic Pandora from Final Fantasy VIII are in the works. Lots more coming soon.

            To play the .it/.xm/.s3m music files, you must have a player. Go to the Music Players and Trackers section on the side bar to see. Linux and Macintosh will be up within the week, as well as updated Windows ones. (I see ones that have been for 3 years :P). Next update may seem like a lame one. 30 of the same game(I need to get rid of these :P). At least you will get more tabs and soundtracks. Thank you all for your submissionsm, and I hope to see everyone submit stuff. I will not accept SPC conversions, and if you send me any, you will be blocked from the e-mail. I'm trying to clean out everything old from my mailbox soon so it will take me a while to post your submissions. Do not send me e-mails with html tags in it please.

            Anyways... I wish I had some support. E-mail me and tell me how you think I'm doing. Suggestions/comments/put downs always welcome =).Thanks go out to the following people and places: Soundtrack Central for info and pics. And to you all, who have helped me do a great job ;)

            That's everything! Cya later!

--Mark Jordan

Music for Monday, May 3, 1999
Breath of Fire
Square - Super Nintendo

Alan and Cerl Forever by Sidekick
Digital Music
Agua: Second Dungeon Theme by Yakra

Chrono Trigger
Squaresoft - Super NES

Digital Music
Yama no Uta by Walter Freeman

Final Fantasy III
Squaresoft - Nintendo

Digital Music
Ancient's Village by Alex W. Jackson

Final Fantasy VII
Squaresoft - Playstation/PC

Digital Music
Judgement Day by Terry Ogaki
Aeris Jazz Remix by Squall Strife

Final Fantasy VIII
Squaresoft - Playstation

Digital Music
Shuffle or Boogie by Olof Lšnnroth
The Extreme by Olof Lšnnroth
Breezy by Milgren
Julia's Piano Solo by Squall Strife
Waltz the Moon by Sir Umaro

Final Fantasy Tactics
Squaresoft - Playstation

Digital Music
Attack Team by Mirai Trunks

Nintendo - Gameboy

Pokémon Trainer Battle Remix by Ranma10

Secret of Mana
Square / Super NES

Digital Music
Prophecy by Erdrick
Karkara Village by Cody Gratner

Squaresoft - Playstation

Stars of Tears by Squall Strife

Tabs + Soundtracks
Guitar Tabs
Prolouge by Anthony Harris
Final Fantasy 7: OSV
Final Fantasy 8: OSV

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