The Music Box - April 23, 1999

FFVI Hentai?! Go with FFV ;)
Musician of the Week

Since I didn't get a music update earliar this week, I didn't think it would be too fair to whomever was musician of the week to be up for two days.
Soundtrack of the Week

Final Fantasy: Pray

Final Fantasy: Pray


(Original Competition 7)
This Competition was based upon making an Original Song and having it judged. E-Mail all entries to Mark Jordan
Next compo:
GIC-1 on April 25th. Take any 3 songs from video games that are relevant(i.e. Rydia/Celes/Terra). Remix or enhance each song and put it in a medley.

Music Players + Trackers
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Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (Digital)
  • 2. Xenogears: Knights of Fire (Digital)
  • 3. Breath of Fire III: Casually (any)
  • 4. Castlevania (SoTN): Crystal Teardrops (Digital)
  • 5. Crystalis: Shyron Fort Theme (Any)
Welcome all!

Come to #RPGamer on! Come see your favorite RPGamer staff(Me) in there. Apologies for this very late music update. Many many things have been going on this week, so I shall not even try to explain. For the side collumn info:

-Competitions: Yipee! GIC-1 is tomorrow! From the great entries so far, I can tell this will be one great competition. In light of the fact that GIC-1 is a strictly video game competition, and that a lot of them are RPG entries, I will post the 3 winning entries on the side bar till the next competition(Like always), but for a couple of days, I will have every single GIC-1 entry linked for your listening pleasure. Good luck!

-Soundtracks: Like all of my work this week, I've gotten behind on this too. FF7, FFT, FF8 and FFMQ Soundtracks will be posted by the end of the week. (Which wraps up the basic FF soundtracks.) -Wanted List: I've been getting a lot of good stuff, but if your wondering how this works, I'll tell you. The most requested songs are put first (of course). But afterwards, the single requested ones go up as well, and alternate each day. Hopefully our trackers and sequencers out there can make some of these great songs.

           I've decided to make it 20 music files a day, plus guitar tabs and soundtracks. (I have way too much stuff to add to keep it 10). I will make it 10 when I get the songs to add up to 20 to post. Thank you all for your submissionsm, and I hope to see everyone submit stuff. I will not accept SPC conversions, and if you send me any, you will be blocked from the e-mail. I'm trying to clean out everything old from my mailbox soon so it will take me a while to post your submissions. Do not send me e-mails with html tags in it please.

            Wow hehe, with 20 new songs an update, I have quite a bit to talk about. Damn Mirai! 7 more songs from master tracker Mirai Trunks. Congrats to all who figured out that Layla was from FF2, not 3. I commend those 3 people that figured it out, as for I didn't expect anyone to notice ;). Anyways... I wish I had some support. E-mail me and tell me how you think I'm doing. Suggestions/comments/put downs always welcome =).Thanks go out to the following people and places: #SStrax for helping me run the GIC-1 competition tomorrow. Soundtrack Central for letting me use their pics for the cds that will soon be added. (Like FF8 and XG). And to you all, who have helped me do a great job ;)

            That's it for now. I hope to see some great music coming in as well as some ideas, suggestions, ect. Contact me at my e-mail(below) or ICQ: 10556405 Thanks all and I'll cya next update!

--Mark Jordan

Music for Friday, April 23, 1999
Chrono Trigger
Square - Super Nintendo

Magus by Mirai Trunks
Brink of Time by Mirai Trunks

Dragon Quest 3
Enix - Nintendo

Digital Music
Dark World by Mirai Trunks

Final Fantasy V
Squaresoft - Super NES/Playstation

Digital Music
Battle With Gilgamesh by AustenL
Fire Powered Ship by Jay Payne
Waltz Clavier by Greg Thaera

Final Fantasy VI
Squaresoft - Super Famicom

Digital Music
Fanatic's Tower by Khalal
The Unforgiven by Mirai Trunks
Tina by Mirai Trunks
Celes' Theme - Piano by Jeremiah Roque
Town idea 2 by Will Sirota

Final Fantasy VII
Squaresoft - Playstation

Digital Music
Church Slums by AustenL
Cosmo Canyon by AustenL
Gold Saucer by AustenL
You can hear the cries of the planet. by MiraiTrunks

Secret of Mana
Squaresoft - Super Nintendo

Digital Music
I Will Never Forget You... by Erdrick

Squaresoft - Playstation

Digital Music
Into the Sky! by AustenL
The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen by Khalal

Music Mixes
Final Fantasy VI and VII

Opera Extrodinare:
Aerith at the Opera by Mykaelus

Guitar Tabs

The One Who Is Torn Inside (Id's theme) by Grahf

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