The Music Box - April 12, 1999

From the fire brings new life.
Musician of the Week
Peach Toadstool

Peach has been a MIDI sequencer known across the Web for approximately three years. She has created many high-quality MIDIs from games ranging from the Super Mario series, to the Legend of Zelda series, to Banjo-Kazooie. She has submitted many of her works, including Final Fantasy mixes, to this site all the way back when it was UOSHP.
Soundtrack of the Week

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends


(Original Competition 7)
This Competition was based upon making an Original Song and having it judged. E-Mail all entries to Mark Jordan
Next compo:
OSC-1 on April 12th. Make a song out of One Sample.
GIC-1 on April 25th. Take any 3 songs from video games that are relevant(i.e. Rydia/Celes/Terra). Remix or enhance each song and put it in a medley.

Music Players + Trackers
Soundtrack Information
Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (Digital)
  • 2. Xenogears: Battle Theme (Digital)
  • 3. Xenogears: Knights of Fire (Digital)
  • 4. Parasite Eve: Influence of Deep (Digital)
  • 5. Final Fantasy VIII: Sucession of Witches (Digital + Midi)
Welcome all!

So... What do you all think? Newly re-designed page for all you RPGamers out there. Now, not only can fans come to listen to their favorite music, but they can learn how to make some and also compete in competitions. Lemme show you what you all have got now:

-Competitions: Think your good enough at tracking? Come and try your best in the competitions. Top 3 places are added to the RPGamer arsenal of music, with recognition for a week.

-Musician of the Week: A newly added addition that dedicates some of the best sequencers and trackers of our time.

-Soundtracks: Brought back and better than ever. All the info on the soundtracks you knew and loved, plus added bonus such as Soundtrack of the Week.

-Wanted List: Got a song that you want made? Bored and need a song to make? Want a difficult task to conquer? Check out the wanted list. Each update will feature some songs that could use a good making, enhancement, or remix.

           Ok, now I'll move on to what's new on the page today. The C7 Competition went fairly well. A lot of good entries, although I would have wished there be more. Try harder for OSC-1 and GIC-1! I hope to see a lot of entries in these. With all this updating going on, I'll ask that you do not send in errors about certain pages or files not working. If it doesnt work in the next 3 hours after you tried to get it, then tell one of us at RPGamer. Do not send me spc conversions. But anyways... More and more stuff will be updated as the week progresses.

            One more thing. Thanks go out to the following people and places: Dermot(Yes I did find that hidden tag ;P Not so hidden), KingMelvyl, Peach, and Odin for helping me out with the damn html that confuzzled me beyond belief. Soundtrack Central for letting me use their pics for the cds that will soon be added. (Like FF8 and XG). RPGStuff for their Piano Collections pics(Thanks Amber! =P). The rest of the RPGamer staff for ignoring me and never talking to me like usual =P =P.

            That's it for now. I hope to see some great music coming in as well as some ideas, suggestions, ect. Thanks all and I'll cya next update!

--Mark Jordan

Music for Monday, April 12, 1999
Dragon Quest III
Enix - Nintendo

Pyramid - Enhanced by Erdrick

Final Fantasy
Squaresoft - Nintendo

Dead Theme - Enhanced by Amber Ritchie

Final Fantasy IV
Squaresoft - Super NES/Playstation

Digital Music
Golbez, Clad in the Dark by Khalal

Final Fantasy V
Squaresoft - Super Famicom/Playstation

Digital Music
Harvest by M_Walker
Pirates Ahoy! by AustenL

Final Fantasy VI
Squaresoft - Super NES/Playstation

Digital Music
Epitaph by AustenL

Final Fantasy VII
Squaresoft - Playstation/PC

Digital Music
The Nightmare Begins by Crono

Secret of Mana
Squaresoft - Super NES

Digital Music
Scorpian Army Theme by DarkCecil

Super Mario RPG
Squaresoft/Nintendo - Super NES/PC

Digital Music
Battle with Smithy by Mune

Squaresoft - Playstation

In A Dark... by MiraiTrunks

Guitar Tabs

Final Fantasy IV
Melody of Lute by Gianpiero Ciammaricone

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