The Music Box - March 21, 1999
Dragon Quest III - Digital Music
Rondo - Arranged Erdrick
Dragon Quest IV - Digital Music
Mara and Nara Erdrick
Alena's Theme Erdrick
Elegy Erdrick
Taloon's Theme Erdrick
Tower Erdrick
Final Fantasy VIII - Digital Music
Laguna's Battle Theme TSSF
Terranigma - Digital Music
Sad Theme Erdrick
Town of Crysta Erdrick
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Digital Music
The Lost Woods Erdrick
Welcome all.

      Ok, several things to discuss today. Wow Erdrick dominates the whole update, with one awesome TSSF song. Tomorrow I promise there will be more a variety. (i.e. Phantasy Star IV, Xenogears, ect). What new 10 songs will come to stun and amaze you all? Come tomorrow to find out muwhahahah! =P Well in other music news, there is an original competition called C7 being held on a tracking called #sstrax. The competition is open to all sequencers and trackers who are intrested. I'll be judging the competiton so I hope to see you there. It's on March 28, at EsperNET ( on IRC, in #sstrax. The rules and everything are on Since this was an all digital music update, I'll remind you all(several have asked): To play ITs, XMs, S3Ms, ect, go to the Music Players and Trackers section under interaction. Look for a program to play it (WinAMP, Impulse Tracker, Fast Tracker, ect.) Well, I'll cya all tomorrow, and on March 28.

--Mark Jordan
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