The Music Box - March 16, 1999
Final Fantasy III - Digital Music
Boss Theme Ikazuchi
Ebb and Flow - Part 2 Yakra
Overworld Ikazuchi
Final Fantasy VI - MIDI
Awakening - Terra's Theme Remix Rainyblue and Jeremiah Roque
Searching for Friends - Remix Rainyblue and Jeremiah Roque
Xenogears - MIDI
Distant Promises - 4 Colin
My Village is Number One
The Valley of the Wind
Sleep Time!
Back from Spring Break

      Heyas all! I know its been quite a while since the last update, but here goes. I've decided to bring it back to the old layout till I can figure out a way to bring out my own personality in a music collumn. Why copy someone elses? So until then: There will be no Musician of the Week, Soundtrack of the Week, Fan Critisism of Music, Wanted Lists, ect. I'll try to bring an update of at least 10 songs a day, every day to you all. Ive been gone for Spring Break so forgive me for not updating ;) If you have any suggestions for the music page, send them in. Do remember tho: Each interaction page is built according to the maintainer's personalitys. Final note: VOTE FOR FFV(5) DO NOT LET 6 WIN =D =D If you feel really bad, vote for Keroppi's Adventure. I'd laugh my butt off if it won. =P
      It's been a rather rough update. After several(16) failed attempts at remodeling the music page, I gave up. Well on to the music, here's what we have:

--Mark Jordan
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