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Game(s): Final Fantasy IX
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [240x180 (17.22k)], [Download (332.02k)]
Comment: This skin is based on the Alexandrian soldiers in Final Fantasy IX... also my only Crash skin that does NOT use shaders! ^.^ I had to improvise on a few things when I made this. Obviously, the Crash model and an Alexandrian Soldier are two different objects. Crash had a few extra things that I learned about while skinning my last 3 Crash skins, so I had to take account for what was on the model while trying to stay within the Alexandrian theme. For bots, I took the skills from my Saphiria 2047 skins and gave them 50/50 unique/random chats. I think it turned out pretty well so here it is.
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Unreal Tournament 2003 Skin Featured Submission
Download: [240x180 (10.74k)], [Download (2416.46k)]
Comment: I wanted to create another RPG character skin but this time for UT2003. I based this loosely off the Yoshitaka Amano version of Celes Chere of Final Fantasy VI. (I'd do the clad pixelized DOA3 version of her but I'll save the thought on that later... maybe next month. -.^) However, since the Female Mercenary model had some armour and metal bits, I had to improvise by putting armour on top of Celes, but I did add the cleavage as requested. -_^ I think it turned out well in weeks worth of time... so here it is. Enjoy!


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