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Dark Phoenix
Game(s): Azure Dreams
Download: [1024x768 (230.69k)]
Comment: I was disappointed with the lack of good Azure Dreams backgrounds for Windows. So I decided to make my own, and this was the result. My first real attempt at a wallpaper, but I think it turned out pretty good. The ring in the middle was custom made. I always liked the scene where Cherrl tells Koh about her "sky-colored dream", so I added the text for it in. It is, after all, symbolic of the game itself.
Game(s): Final Fantasy IV
Download: [150x113 (15.67k)], [Download (471.43k)]
Comment: Well, I rapidly learned by searching that there were very few good FF4 themes on the Internet, but a lot of parts. I really got into doing this theme when I found the background shot. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a really good FF4 busy cursor, so I ended up using a FF6 cursor.
Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [1024x768 (1124.9k)]
Comment: I went to sleep one day, and woke up with this design in my head. I knew I wanted to run "You Shall Be As Gods" across the desktop, and have a picture of Elly in the back. I came here and collected some of the official Xenogears fanart, and started to put it together. The background is based on the Xenogears character shots from Square (the red lines), the shot of Elly is an official Square picture, but I changed her eyes to blue, and brought the saturation up so her hair was more red, and the shot of Sophia in back was of course from the game. The lines at the bottom are from "Small Two Of Pieces", the ending song of Xenogears. I was going to do a whole XP skin (think I still might), but I've got this for now.


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