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Shiva of Ice
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [800x600 (70.56k)]
Comment: Well.. This was a toughie to do, as well with the other two.. This is my Tifa background, which I am currectly using because I like how it turned out.. Yes, I am Tifa x Cloud and that's why I have that pic in the background.. Anyway, this was fun to do and I hope you all enjoy!
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [800x600 (63.55k)]
Comment: It's Nanaki, yay! He's my favorite animal character out of all FF games.. He's smart and I decided to do a background of him, because he's cool... Anyway it took awhile to put this together and I hope the time payed off..
Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Download: [800x600 (14.58k)]
Comment: Rinoa, yay.. I'm not fond of her but I had an itch to do this.. Well, she is called 'Princess' by the Timber Owls and so.. I decided to do this, for the heck of it.. I had to explore everywhere to find those pictures I used on the side, but it paid off! This turned out good, and I'm happy.. Vive la Photoshop!


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