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Game(s): Breath of Fire IV
Download: [1024x768 (123.96k)]
Comment: I know this picture has been done to death already (since it's the only professional art you can find of Fou-lu...) but i suppose i liked the desktop enough to send it in. I like how the colors came out.. and i just really like Fou-lu!
Game(s): Breath of Fire IV
Winamp Skin  
Download: [150x189 (19.66k)], [Download (292.41k)]
Comment: It's that picture again... but i played around with it a lot and gave it a different background for this skin just so it wouldn't look so plain and ordinary anymore.. i tried to give it a kind-of scratchy unfinished quality that would match with the game's design a bit and give that wild dragon-feeling.. or.. something. haha. hope you like blue..
Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Download: [1024x768 (163.37k)]
Comment: I did this a long time ago.. before FFX even came out in Japan! I had a lot of fun playing around with color schemes and ways to set the fonts.. and this is one of my favorite backgrounds. the little pictures across the bottom are screenshots i took from an actual movie file of a ffx commercial, haha.


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