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Pablo Pronn
Game(s): Chrono Trigger
Download: [1600x1200 (315.77k)]
Comment: Sort of a Warhol of the main character Crono...perhaps a bit too tutti frutti for a wallpaper, but it is in high res!
Game(s): Final Fantasy IV
Download: [1600x1200 (423.25k)]
Comment: This was my first wallpaper and only used pixtures from the SNES version [the FMV versions look crappy anyways.) Strange to note that it sorta has one character twice, but it gives a nice, clean nostalgia without the weird effects!!!
Game(s): Final Fantasy V
Download: [800x600 (595k)]
Comment: One time, I was playing Final Fantasy V, when I came across a monster called "Faerie orc." He only appeared a few times and was quite the wuss, but he was essenitally a flying pig. This was funny, so I had to make a wallpaper. I understand that it is a little bizarre, but enjoy.
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Download: [1600x1200 (122.49k)]
Comment: an epic shot of the world becoming...different
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [1600x1200 (185.31k)]
Comment: Sepiroth looking at the statue of Jenova saying lines actually from the game script (with a sentence cut out, "I have a great idea"-i looked really bad) Note that the wall behind them is blue when it should be grey [weird stuff man!]
Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Download: [1024x768 (154.13k)]
Comment: Like all of my themes, simple


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