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PH5 Solidad
Game(s): Valkyrie Profile
Download: [800x600 (296.88k)], [1024x768 (412.24k)]
Comment: from playing the game. weeping lily meadow was the most important part of the game so thats my background. as you can see there are some similarities as the wallpaper that was post here in rpgamer. it was the FF9 wallpaper with a mogule in it. i got the concept from him/her. who ever he/she is. he created a nice wallpaper. and i do some emboss things. and some clound effects same as the backround menus in the game. to make it a valkerie type. and the logo came from its title menu and i am lucky that the menu is just plain white i dont have to carefully remove it. just a magic wand. trick in it.. i want to make it simpile. and the background wont get in the way of the icons.


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