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Jess "Arf" Perkins
Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [1024x768 (366.5k)]
Comment: I now have a folder on my computer titled "I heart Auron" :(
Game(s): Lunar II: Eternal Blue Complete
Download: [1024x768 (461.93k)]
Comment: I'm trying to do wallpapers for the games that don't have very many submitions. Leo from Lunar 2 is a good start since he's a fun character. Pretty basic wallpaper, but it fits him.
Game(s): Magna Carta
Download: [1024x768 (667.56k)]
Comment: My first wallpaper, made out of pure boredom. I really hope Magna Carta gets translated. The art is even better than Xenogear's. Hmm..The image effects worked out really good, seeing as they covered up the horrible jpeg quality.
Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [1024x768 (204.59k)]
Comment: Sketches of Elly taken from the Perfect Works book. Enjoy.


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