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Justin Quesenberry
Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [1024x768 (734.08k)]
Comment: This is my second wallpaper, once again for Xenogears, cause that's my favorite game. Finding large images (like the Fei one I used here) is hard but a with a good search I found ones right here at RPGamer on an ooold E3 page. The images were megabytes in size and practically 2000 pixels tall, but are of the highest quality I've yet seen. Enjoy!
Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [1024x768 (198.81k)]
Comment: This is the first desktop background I've ever attempted, so I decided to keep it simple. I think it looks nice and elegant. Its not eye-catching like many other submissions, but its attractive in its lack of complexity. Great for those on the computer at 3am and don't want a glaring White screen to wreck their corneas.


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