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Megan Beck
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Download: [1500x1090 (285.12k)]
Comment: This is an extremely simple wallpaper, being the first one I have ever created. I saw this picture and thought "Oh no! Tifa is Dead!" Luckily, I was mistaken because she is one of my favorite characters. I love romance and I thought this picture flawlessly conveyed the tender relationship between Cloud and Tifa while being vibrant simultaneously.
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
Download: [1500x1090 (196.61k)]
Comment: A while ago some guy wrote in the Q and A section that Kingdom Hearts revolves around a love triangle between three nine year olds. Just to clarify, that is an ascinine comment. To show everyone the angstier side of Kingdom Hearts I made this. I was trying to capture the creepy mood of the secret ending.
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [1500x1090 (181.59k)]
Comment: I think the dark elements of the Kingdom Hearts series are really downplayed. I decided to focus on that for thus wallpaper. Also, I was really inspired by the Deep Dive/Another Side, Another Story trailers. It's simple but I think it looks really cool. I hope the sequel comes out this year!


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