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Midnight Angel Aeris
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Download: [800x600 (52.41k)]
Comment: Haven't made a FF6 wallpaper for a while, so I picked a few images from the CG gallery in FFA and made this wallpaper. It's a really simple wallpaper (just 4 different layers merged into one ^_^), and although it turned out a little more red than what I had in mind, at least the red suits the evil stare of Kefka...heh ^_^
Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Download: [800x600 (79.46k)]
Comment: The black-and-white background is made by adding 2 images together using Image Arithmetic (didn't show up really well have to look carefully to see the image of one of the dancers in the parade). The coloured version of the Edea image is added on a seperate layer using the clone brush (it's out-of-sync with the black-and-white Edea image that's in the back to give it a blurry look). The white space on the side is for your icons :) I kinda wish the image quality would be a little better though x_x
Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Wallpaper Featured Submission
Download: [800x600 (108.45k)]
Comment: Most FFX wallpaper usually features Yuna, so I figure I should make one on Lulu ^^ I first colorized the background to make Lulu stand out more, then made a bigger shadow image of her in a different layer. Added script text on the sides to fill up empty spaces. The borders were created to give a 'Japanese style frame' look, since this picture of Lulu have a Japanese feel to it ^^ Then I added her name in and merged all layers into this wallpaper.
Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2
Download: [800x600 (63.65k)]
Comment: A simple Lenne wallpaper...I love how Lenne looks in this picture XD Lyrics from "Dolls" by Ayumi Hamasaki, which has no relation to FFX-2 whatsoever, but I think it kinda fits the mood of this wallpaper ^_^
Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2
Download: [800x600 (57.44k)]
Comment: After making the Lenne wallpaper, I figure I might as well make Yuna's side as well ^_^ Lyrics from Yuna's character song "feel" in FFX.


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