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Riny Beoulve
Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Download: [355x900 (50.77k)]
Comment: This one is one of Rinoa from a while back. The actual picture didn't come out too well, but I was proud of the costume. I bought a black tank top and black shorts (which I painted the silver lines on that you would never even notice in the game). I made the skirt, the duster, and the armguards all from felt. It's incredibly easy to make. That's really about it. I also painted the white wings on the back, but they came out really bad.
Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Download: [472x709 (49.75k)]
Comment: This is a costume I wore this past October for Halloween. It's of Rikku, and well it didn't come out as well as I wanted it to. Most of all it was disappointing the blonde hair spray didn't work in my hair and my hair's too long, but disregarding that I think it came out pretty good! For the top I just got a t-shirt from Salvation Army and sewed it up so it'd fit me. The shorts were on sale at Walmart, I added the shower curtain stuff at the bottom because I couldn't find any better ruffle. I painted the belt so it would work right. The blue on her back (It is there, you can't see it in the picture) was just a lot of ribbon. The bag is just a pocketbook. The shoes are slippers. The socks I took some knee highs, painted the top, and added green felt. The arms are also made of felt, except for the gloves which I bought cheap at Walmart and just cut the tips off.


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