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Ragnarök Online
Submitter(s): Ines
Download: [800x600 (326.53k)]
Comment: This is from ragnarok
Submitter(s): Kathryn Rutherford
Download: [720x540 (592.54k)]
Comment: This is my first submission and first wallpaper made in Adobe Photoshop. The city in the background is Alberta, the merchant city, and the two characters are merchants. Fitting, right?
Submitter(s): MacTheHero
Download: [1024x768 (77.71k)]
Comment: Joke off those t-shirts, this situation happened to me in the game and probably 500 other thieves as well;)
Submitter(s): Mike "Kain" Sparks
Download: [1024x768 (291.24k)]
Comment: This started as a rough draft for a wallpaper I wanted to do with all the characters from the game. I liked how this one turned out so I figured I'd submit it. It looks like a simple cut and paste job but I had to cut each out my hand using the eraser tool. The pictures were feathered just enough so I couldn't use the magic wand tool, It kept wanting to cut out the lighter areas. Then just added some lights in to match them to the background. Hope ya like it.
Submitter(s): Mike "Kain" Sparks
Download: [800x600 (58.76k)]
Comment: Got bored and threw this together.
Submitter(s): Wren
Download: [800x600 (189.72k)], [1024x768 (303.62k)]
Comment: Took me too long to make for what it's worth I think.


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