The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Screen Shots
06.03.2002 Last of the E3 screens
A lone multiplayer screen
05.21.2002 First GBA screens  
Multiplayer at its finest More wacky four-player fun Four-player Stalfos whacking
Two players meet the pit Fighting for rupees Chicken hurling
Dodgeball Across the bridge Outside the Sanctuary
  Screen shots  
Title Screen Death Mountain The Dark World
Outside the Eastern Palace The Pyramid A bridge above the Lost Woods
A bridge above the Skull Woods A cave The Bombos Medallion
Turtle Rock Link's loaded for bear A Warp Spot
Inside the Eastern Palace Swimming in Lake Hylia Outside Death Mountain
The Quake Medallion The Swamp Palace Hyrule Castle
The Light World Link's house Ganon's tower
Ether Medallion The Ice Palace The Desert Palace
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